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Rien qu'un petit bécot veux-tu, hein? =[enregistrement sonore] /Gimme a little kiss, will ya, huh?Beaudry, traducteur ; Turk, paroles anglaises ; Smith, paroles anglaises ; Maceo, musique.Larry Larrivée, avec piano.Compo.
Cuckoo waltz /Buddy Kaye, J.E. Jonasson. You call everybody darling / Martin, Trace, Watts.Jack Smith and the Clark Sisters ; with vocal accompaniment.
Close dat eye /Jack P. McSweeney ; Lee Orean Smith.Haydn Quartet.Berliner.
PretendingSymes; Sherman.Kate Smith; Jack Miller.
That's A Good GirlIrving Berlin.Jack Smith; With Piano.
Your Eyes Have Told Me SoGus Kahn; Van Alstyae; Blaufuss.Kate Smith; Orchestra; Jack Miller.
Only one you /Gluck ; arranged by Joe Leahy ; Lampert.Jack Smith ; Joe Leahy.
Let's go Joe /Calloway ; Smith ; Palmer.Cab Calloway and The Cabaliers.
Gimme a little kiss, will "ya," huh? /Turk ; Smith ; Pinkard.Billy West, tenor with orchestra.
Gimme a little kiss, will "ya," huh? /Turk ; Smith ; Pinkard.Imperial Dance Orchestra ; Irv. Kaufman, vocal chorus.
Some Other Bird Whistled A TuneBryan; Schafer; Fisher.Jack Smith; Carson Robison; With Piano.
My BuddyGus Kahn; Donaldson.Kate Smith; Orchestra; Jack Miller.
Always /Irving Berlin ; [performed by] Henry Burr. When autumn leaves are falling / Sam Coslow, Abner Silver ; [performed by] Jack Smith, the Whispering Baritone.Henry Burr (Side A) ; Jack Smith, The Whispering Baritone (Side B).
The ghost of the ukulele /James Brockman ; J. Smith.Peerless Quartet, male quartet with orchestra.Victor.
ShineDabney; Brown.Ben Light; Lloyd Sloop; Pete Di Maggio; Bill Markas; Jack Smith.
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