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Hello Montréal! /Warren ; Rose ;Dixon.The Westerners.
Au milieu de la nuit =[enregistrement sonore] /In the middle of the nightBeaudry, traducteur ; Rose, paroles anglaises ; Donaldson, musique.Georges Beauchemin, baryton avec piano.Compo.
Moi et mon ombre =[enregistrement sonore] /Me and my shadowBeaudry, traducteur ; Jolson, musique ; Rose, paroles anglaises ; Dreyer, musique.Jean Cartier, baryton avec orchestre.Compo.
Feux d'arc-en-ciel :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air "There's a rainbow round my shoulder"Poirier, [traducteur] ; Jolson ; Rose ; Dreyer.Lucien Laurenzo, baryton avec orchestre.Victor.
C'est une Picasse :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "Barney Google"Beaudry, traducteur ; Conrad ; [Rose].Gaston St. Jacques, baryton ; Roland Duchesne, piano.Starr.
Pauvre bonhomme :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "Poor papa [(he's got nuthin' at all)]"Beaudry, traducteur ; Rose, paroles anglaises ; Woods, musique.A. Lafleur, avec piano.Compo.
L'adieu du condanné [i.e. condamné][enregistrement sonore] /R. Beaudry ; [interprété par] Hercule Lavoie. Tout là-bas = Out yonder / Beaudry-Rose ; [interprété par] Hercule Lavoie.Hercule Lavoie.Compo.
L'amour bègue =[enregistrement sonore] /You tell her I stutterJean Nel [paroles françaises] ; [Billy Rose, paroles anglaises] ; [Cliff Friend, musique].Gaston St-Jacques.Starr.
Nuits de Mexique :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "It happened in Monterey" du film "King of Jazz"Beaudry, [traducteur] ; Rose, paroles ; Wayne, musique.Roméo Mousseau, ténor avec orchestre.Victor.
Sous le ciel d'Arabie =[enregistrement sonore] /"That night in Araby"Beaudry, traducteur ; Rose, paroles anglaises ; Snyder, musique.Hercule Lavoie, baryton.Compo.
Ce soir tu m'appartiens =[enregistrement sonore] /Tonight you belong to meBeaudry, paroles françaises ; Rose, paroles anglaises ; David, musique.Jean Cartier, baryton ; Trio Markowski.Compo.
Caché dans l'ombre :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "Me and my shadow"Rohan ; Rose ; Jolson ; Dreyer.Hector Pellerin, baryton avec orchestre.Victor.
Where the dreamy Wabash flows /Cliff Friend ; Abel Baer ; [performed by] Peerless Quartet. Follow the swallow / Rose, Dixon ; Henderson ; [performed by] Peerless Quartet.Peerless Quartet (Albert Campbell and Henry Burr, tenors; Frank Croxton and John H. Meyer, basses; with orchestra conducted by Charles Adams Prince).
A cup of coffee, a sandwich and you /Rose ; Dubin ; Meyer.Vera Guilaroff (piano solo).
Barney Google /Rose ; Conrad.Melody King's [i.e. Kings] [i.e. Kings] Dance Orchestra.Berliner.
A cup of coffee, a sandwich and you /Rose, lyrics ; Dubin, lyrics ; Meyer, music.Vera Guilaroff.Compo.
In The Middle Of The NightBilly Rose; Walter Donaldson.Tom Waring; With Piano.
Hello Montreal! /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Waring's Pennsylvanians, vocal refrain by Fred Waring and chorus.
Clap hands! Here comes Charley! /Meyer, Rose, Macdonald. Spanish shawl / Schoebel.The Georgians ; [Side A] incidental singing by Johnny Morris.
You tell her, I stutter /Rose, lyrics ; Friend, music.Martucci and his orchestra.Compo.
Barney Google /Conrad ; [Rose].The Jazzbo Band.Compo.
Say it with a red, red rose :(from "Padlocks of 1927") /McDonald ; Rose.Society Favorites.
That old gang of mine. /Rose, Dixon, Henderson. Hi lee hi lo / Eugene West, Ira Schuster.Billy Murray and Ed Smalle, duet with orchestra.
You tell her - I stutter /Rose, lyrics ; Friend, music.Martucci and his orchestra.Compo.
Barney Google /Conrad ; [Rose].The Jazzbo Band.Compo.
Clap hands! Here comes Charley /Rose, [lyrics] ; Macdonald, [lyrics] ; Meyer, [music]. Roll 'em girls (roll your own) / Heath ; Marr ; FletcherEddie Peabody and his band, vocal chorus by Arthur Hall (Clap hands! Here comes Charley) ; Lew Gold and his orchestra, vocal chorus by Ernest Hare.
Twelve o'clock waltz /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Royal Marimba Players.
I found a million dollar baby (In a five and ten cent store) /Rose ; Dixon ;Warren.Lanin and his orchestra ; Paul Small.
If you hadn't gone away /Brown ; Rose ; Henderson.Nick Lucas.
Twelve o'clock waltz /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Victor Arden ; Phil Ohman and their orchestra.
Maybe it's all for the best /L. David ; C. Tobias ; D. Rose.The Ink Spots.
You tell her, I stutter /Rosa ; Friend.Bill Murray, comic song with orchestra.
I found a million dollar baby :in a five and ten cents store : From "Crazy quilt" /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Lanin and his Orchestra ; Paul Small, chorus.
Barney Google /Rose and Conrad.Jones and Hare ;.Selvin's Orchestra.
Brown eyes, why are you blue? /Bryan, Meyer. So that's the kind of a girl you are / Rose, Dubin.Glantz and his orchestra (item 1) ; Selvin and his orchestra (item 2) ; Arthur Fields, vocals.
Truly /David and Rose.Bailey's Lucky Seven.
Barney Google /Conrad ; [Rose].The Jazzbo Band.Compo.
I found a million dollar baby, or, In a five and ten cent store /Warren ; Rose ; Dixon.Frank Aubern, with orchestra.
I wanna be loved /Green, Rose, Heyman. Remember me (when the candlelights are gleaming) / Scott Wiseman.Dottie O'Brien with Jan Garber and his orchestra.
Good-bye Broadway, Hello Montreal /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren."Sleepy" Hall's Melody Boys, duet with saxophone, banjo and piano.Victor.
Hello Montreal! /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Jack Denny and His Orchestra, vocal chorus by Scrappy Lambert.
You tell her, I stutter /Rose ; Friend.Ernest Hare and Billy Jones, baritone and tenor duet with orchestra.
Twelve o'clock waltz /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.The Marimba Players.
Sweet Marie /Billy Rose ; Abe Frankl ; [performed by] Henry Burr. Loved one / Maud Henry ; [performed by] Henry Burr.Side A: Henry Burr (tenor vocals) with instrumental ensemble: Charles Linton (piano), Rosario Bourdon (director) ; Side B: Henry Burr (tenor vocals) with instrumental ensemble, Nathaniel Shilkret (director).
I found a million dollar baby /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Hal Swain.
Me and my shadow /Rose-Jolson-Dreyer.Victor Salon Orchestra ; Nathaniel Shilkret, director.
You tell her - I stutter /Rose, lyrics ; Friend, music.Martucci and his orchestra.Compo.
Twelve o'clock waltz /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Dixie Marimba Players ; Rodmam Lewis, vocal chorus.
I found a million dollar baby (in a 5 and 10-cent store) /Fisher ; Rose ; [Dixon] ; [Warren].The Radio Franks, White [i.e. Wright] ; Bessinger, duet.Compo.
Follow the swallow /Henderson, Rose, Dixon ; Art Kahn and his Orchestra. The little old clock on the mantel / Ted Fiorito, Gus Kahn ; Art Kahn and his Orchestra.Art Kahn and his Orchestra.
I found a million dollar baby (In a five and ten cent store) /Rose ; Dixon ; Warren.Chick Bullock.
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