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Croon, croon, underneat' de moon /Clutsam.Florence Easton, soprano ; [Harry Reser, banjo].Brunswick.
Holy Night (Cantique Noël) /[Adam].Florence Easton, Soprano and Chorus with Orchestra ; [Harry Reser, banjo].Brunswick.
Horses /Richard A. Whiting ; Byron Gay ; Frank Skinner. I'm gonna let the bumble bee be / Jack Little ; Addy Brit.Six Jumping Jacks.
The two of us /Van Phillips ; Campbell ; Connelly.Clicquot Club Eskimos ; Tom Stacks, vocal chorus ; Harry Reser, director.
Everybody loves my girl /Abrahams ; Lewis ; Young.Harry Reser's Orchestra ; Tom Stacks.
A banjo song /Weeden, lyrices ; Homer, music.Florence Easton, soprano with orchestra ; [Harry Reser, banjo].Brunswick.
I'm just wild about animal crackers /Harry Link ; Fred Rich ; Sam Coslow ; the pump song / Buddy Fields ; Sammy Lerner ; Richard A. Whiting.Six Jumping Jacks.
I'se gwine back to Dixie /White.Florence Easton, soprano and male trio with orchestra ; [Harry Reser, banjo].Brunswick.
Chick, chick, chick, chicken /McGhee ; King ; Holt.Clicquot Club Eskimos ; Harry Reser, director.
I'm afraid you sing that song to somebody else /Malie ; Verges.Harry Reser's Orchestra ; Tom Stacks, vocal chorus.
'Way back when /L. Robinson ; Keaton ; H. Robinson.Harry Reser's Orchestra ; Tom Stacks.
Good-bye Broadway, hello Montreal /Rose.Harry Reser's orchestra ; Radio Eddie.
Sweet Jennie Lee! =Dulce Juanita Lee : fox trot /Donaldson.Reser's Radio Band.
Good-bye Broadway, hello Montreal /Rose.Harry Reser's Orchestra ; Radio Eddie, vocal chorus.
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