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Le pardon de ploermiel :Valse /Meyerbeer ; livret de M. Carre & J. Barbier.Ritter Clampi, acc. orchestre.
Samson et Dalila.Saint-Saens. Les huguenots.Blanche Deschamps-Jehin, singer ; Rene Fournets, singer ; Accompanied by orchestra of Monte Carlo ; direction of Léon Jéhin.
Le prophète :Ah, mon fils! = Ah, my son! (Act 2) /Meyerbeer.Sigrid Onegin, contralto with orchestra.
L'Africana :O paradiso /Meyerbeer.Giovanni Martinelli, tenor with orchestra.
Le prophète :O mon fils /Meyerbeer.Mme. Charles Cahier.
Le prophete :Ah, mon fils (Ah, my sons) /G. Meyerbeer.Cyrena Van Gordon, contralto solo with orchestra accomp.
Le prophete :Ah! mon fils /Meyerbeer.Maria Duchene.
Le prophète :[enregistrement sonore] /Marche[Giacomo] Meyerbeer.Garde Republicaine Band.Berliner.
O paradis =[enregistrement sonore] /Oh sunriseMeyerbeer.Raoul Jobin, tenor ; Metropolitan Opera Orchestra ; Wilfred [i.e. Wilfrid] Pelletier.Columbia.
O paradis[enregistrement sonore] /Meyerbeer.Raoul Jobin, tenor ; Metropolitan Opera Orchestra ; Wilfred [i.e. Wilfrid] Pelletier.Columbia.
Ah! mon fils, sois béni ! :ah! myson, blessed be thou /Meyerbeer.Mme. Louise Homer, contalto.
Dinorah :Ombra leggera (Shadow song) /Meyerbeer.Maria Barrientos, soprano solo with orchestra accompaniment.
Roberto II Diavolo :Act III : Suore, che riposate (Robert the devil, ye slumbering nuns) /Meyerbeer.Feodor Chaliapin, bass with orchestra.
Le prophete :Ah,mon fils (Oh, my son) /Meyerbeer.Rosa Olitzka, contralto solo with orchestra accompaniment.
La Bénédiction des poignards = Benediction of the swords[enregistrement sonore] /[Eugène Scribe, libretto ; Giacomo Meyerbeer, musique].Sassard.Berliner.
Les Huguenots :Air du page : Nobles seigneurs, salut /Meyerbeer.Mme. Ritter Ciampi, accomp. orchestre.
L'Africana :Aria di vasco di gama : O paradiso /Meyerbeer.Alessandro Bonci, tenore accomp. a grande orchestra ; Milano.
Gliugonotti :(Act 1) : Bianca al par di neve aipina (Fairer than the lily) /Marcello ; Meyerbeer.Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, tenor with orchestra.
Prophet :Segens ; Arie (Ach, mein sohn, segen dir) /Meyerbeer.Maria Olszewska.
Rataplan[enregistrement sonore] /[Meyerbeer].Choeur D'Hommes.Berliner.
L'Africana (ACT 4) :Deh! ch'io ritorni (Lead me toward the vessel) /Meyerbeer ; Marcello ; Soribe.Enrico Caruso, tenorw. orch.
Les hugenots :marcello's air-piff paff /Meyerbeer.Léon Rothier, with orchestra accompaniment.
Fille des rois[enregistrement sonore] /Meyerbeer, musique ; [Scribe, livret].Orphée Langevin, baritone with orchestra in French.Edison.
Prophète.[enregistrement sonore] /Meyerbeer.Marie Delna, contralto avec accompagnement d'orchestre.Edison.
L'Africana :"O paradiso" /Meyerbeer.Giacomo Lauri Volpi.
Il prophet :Ah! mon fils /Meyerbeer.Ernestine Schumann-Heink, contralto ; Victor Orchestra.
Le prophete :Ah, mon fils (Ah, my son) /Meyerbeer.Marguerite d'Alvarez, contralto ; Vocalion Orchestra.
L'Africana :O paradiso (O paradise on earth) /Meyerbeer.Alessandro Bonci, with orchestra accompaniment.
Le prophète :Marche /Giacomo Meyerbeer.Garde Republicaine Band.Berliner.
Les Huguenots.Benediction of the Poignards : act IV /Meyerbeer.Marcel Journet, bass ; Metropolitan Opera Chorus ; Victor Orchestra.
Huguenots.Meyerbeer.Enrico Caruso; Victor Orchestra.
Le prophete :Scene de la prison (Prison scene Part 1) (Act 5) /Meyerbeer ; Soribe.Ernestine Schumann-Heink, contralto w. orch.
Prophete :prison scene : part 2 /Meyerbeer.Ernestine Schumann-Heink, contralto with orchestra.
Star of the North :Prayer and barcarolle = L'etoile du Nord : Prière et barcarolle /Giacomo Meyerbeer.Manuel Berenguer ; Amelita Galli-Curci.
L'Africana :aria de sonno, "In grembo a me" (Lulled in my arms) (Act 1) /Meyerbeer.Margarete Matzenauer, contralto ; Victor Orchestra.
Fackeltanz, or, Torch dance /Giacomo Meyerbeer.Municipal Military Band, London.Berliner.
Coronation march :from "Le prophète" : act 4 /Meyerbeer.Vassella's Italian Band.
Robert Le Diable.Meyerbeer.Marcel Journet; Metropolitan Opera Chorus.
Huguenots :piff! paff! : Marcello's air, act I /Meyerbeer.Marcel Journet, bass ; Victor Orchestra.
Benediction of the Poignards /Meyerbeer.Sousa's Band.Edison.
Robert Le Diable.Meyerbeer.Edmond Clement; Marcel Journet; Victor Orchestra.
Les huguenots :Duet, Act 3 (Part 2) /Meyerbeer.Johanna Gadski ; Edouard de Reszke.
L'Africana.Oh, paradise! : act 4 /Meyerbeer.Giovanni Martinelli, tenor, with orchestra ; [Walter Rogers, conductor].
Africana.Meyerbeer.Hipolito Lazaro; Orchestra.
Robert Der Teufel.Meyerbeer.Emmy Destinn.
L'Africana :Death scene of Selika (act 5, sc. 2) /Meyerbeer.Salomea Krusceniski.
Huguenots :"Nobil signors, salute" ("Noble sirs, I salute you") /Meyerbeer.Louise Homer, contralto with orchestra.
L'africana.Meyerbeer.Giuseppe Anselmi.
The African :oh paradise /Meyerbeer.Evan Williams, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
Africana :Adamastor, re dell' onde profonde = Adamastor, rulier of ocean : act 3 /Meyerbeer.Titta Ruffo, baritone with orchestra.
Dinoran :shadow song /Meyerbeer.Luisa Tetrazzini, soprano.
Coronation march :The Prophet /Meyerbeer.Reginald Goss-Custard.
Dinorah :sei vendicata assai : thou art avenged : act 3 /Meyerbeer.Pasqual Amato, baritone with orch.
L'Africana :O paradiso = Oh, paradise /Meyerbeer.Ernico Caruso, tenor with orchestra.
Benediction of poignards =[Bénédiction des poignards] /[Giacomo Meyerbeer, music].Municipal Military Band, London.Berliner.
Les huguenots (Act 2) :O, beau pays de la touraine = Fair land of touraine /Meyerbeer ; Scribe ; Deschamps.Frieda Hempel, soprano w. orch.
L'Africana :Death scene of Selika (act 5, sc. 2) /Meyerbeer.Salomea Krusceniski.
State of the north :prayer and barcarolle = L'étoile du nord : prière et barcarolle : act 1 /Meyerbeer.Amelita Galli-Curci, soprano with Orchestra ; Manuel Berenguer, flute obbligato.
Robert Der Teufel.Meyerbeer.Emmy Destinn.
L'africaine.Meyerbeer.Lucien Muratore.
Africana.Meyerbeer.Beniamino Gigli; With Orchestra.
Les huguenots :Duet, Act 3 (Part 1) /Meyerbeer.Johanna Gadski ; Edouard de Reszke.
Benediction of the swords =[Bénédiction des poignards] /[Giacomo Meyerbeer, music].Sousa's Band.Berliner.
Dinorah :"ombra leggiera" (shadow song) /Meyerbeer.Florence MacBeth, with orchestra accompaniment ; Ellis McDiarmid.
Les huguenots :benediction des poignards /Meyerbeer.Rene Fournets.
March from "The prophet" /Giacomo Meyerbeer, music.Grenadier Guards Band.Berliner.
Coronation March.Meyerbeer.London Philharmonic Orchestra; Julius Harrison.
Dinorah.Meyerbeer.Amelita Galli-curci; Clement Barone; With Orchestra.
Coronation march /[Giacomo Meyerbeer, music].Arthur Pryor's Band.Berliner.
Les Huguenots :bénédiction des poignards = benediction of the poignards /Meyerbeer.Marcel Journet, bass with orchestra ; Metropolitan Opera Chorus.
L'Africana :o paradiso = oh, paradise /Meyerbeer.Florencio Constantino, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
Huguenots :Finale act IV benediction of the poignarde /Meyerbeer.Sousa's Band.
Huguenots :romanza : Piu bianca = Fairer than a lily /Meyerbeer.Enrico Caruso, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
Pagenarie aus "Hugenotten" /[Meyerbeer] ; Eugène Scribe.Aurelie Revy; Orchesterbegl. Kapelm. Seidler-Winkler.G & T.
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