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TitlePerformerGeneric Label
Night Trip To Buffalo.Vocal Quartette (Male Voices).Columbia
Put On De Golden SwordBrowne.Harry C Browne; Male Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
I'se Gwine Back To Dixie.Peerles Male Quartette.
Let's All Be Americans NowBerlin; Leslie; Meyer.Knickerbocker Male Quartette.Columbia
In The Wildwood Where The Bluebells GrewHerbert H Taylor.Columbia Quartette; Male Voices; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Special demonstration double-disc.Unnamed speaker (1st side) ; Columbia Male Quartette with orchestra (2nd side).Columbia
Women :from "The merry widow" /F. Lehar.Maple Leaf Male Quartette, with orchestra accompaniment.
Festival te deum :no. 7 in B flat /Dudley Buck. Morning / L. von der Mehden, Jr.Columbia Mixed Quartette (side A) ; Columbia Male Quartette (side B).Columbia.
Kentucky Babe.Vocal Quartette; Male Voices.
Bachelor Days.Vocal Quartette; Male Voices; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
O Ye Mountains High From The Songs Of ZionC W Penrose.Lucy Gates; Male Quartette; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
The Voice Of The ChimesHahn.Male Quartette; Oscar Seagle; Columbia Steelar Quartette; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
Ev'ry little while /Tate ; sung by Al Jolson. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag (and smile, smile, smile) / Powell ; sung by James F. Harrison and Knickerbocker Male Quartette.Al Jolson, comedian, [baritone] with orchestra (1st work) ; James F. Harrison and Knickerbocker Male Quartette (2nd work).Columbia
My Creole Sue.Vocal Quartette; Male Voices.Columbia
America, Here's My BoyLange.Andrea Sarto; Knickerbocker Male Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Blue Danube Waltz.Strauss.Lucy Gates; Columbia Stellar Male Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Lead kindly light /[Dykes].Vocals by the Columbia Male Quartette.Columbia.
Special demonstration double disc.Sung by Columbia Male Quartette.Columbia
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag (And Smile, Smile, Smile)Powell.James F Harrison; Knickerbocker Male Quartette; Orchestra Accomp.
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