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You are the ideal of my dreams /[Herbert Ingraham].[Henry] Burr.Indestructible.
Because I'm married now /[Ingraham].Billy Murray, [tenor] ; comic song with orchestra.
You for me in the summertime /Ingraham, [Roy].Ethel Costello, soprano ; Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
My chain of memories /Mrs. Herbert Ingraham.Edna Brown ; James F. Harrison, contralto & baritone duet with orchestra.Berliner.
I'll Still Remember When You ForgetIngraham.Henry Burr; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Roses Bring Dreams Of YouIngraham.Columbia Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Goodbye, RoseHerbert Ingraham.Albert Campbell; Orchestra Accompaniment; Henry Burr.
My Chain Of MemoriesMrs Herbert Ingraham.Edna Brown; James F Harrison; With Orchestra.Victor.
No regrets /Tobias ; Ingraham.Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra ; Jack Leonard, vocal refrain.
My chain of memories /Ingraham, [Mrs. Herbert].Mabel West, contralto ; James F. Harrison, baritone with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
Roses bring dreams of you /Ingraham. In the garden of my heart / Ball.Columbia Quartette, male voice [with] orchestra accompaniment [side a] ; Stanley and Burr, baritone and tenor duet [with] orchestra accompaniment [side b].Columbia
Roses Bring Dreams Of YouIngraham.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.Berliner.
The Hot Tamale ManIngraham.Arthur Collins; With Orchestra.
Good Bye, RoseBurkhart; Ingraham.Walter Van Brunt; With Orchestra.
Goodbye Rose /Herbert Ingraham, music ; [Addison Burkhardt, lyrics].Albert Campbell ; Henry Burr, tenor duet with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
Won't you waltz Home sweet home with me for old times' sake? /Ingraham.Byron G. Harlan.Edison.
Don't Wake Me Up, I Am DreamingWhitson; Ingraham.Waklter Van Brunt; With Orchestra.
I'll love you, Sweetheart Sue /George Christie. Goodbye, Rose / Herbert Ingraham.Sung by Albert Campbell and Henry Burr.Columbia
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