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Mollie Darling Hays.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
The Home Over There Kane.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra; Haydn Quartet.
Down By The Old Mill Stream Taylor.Harry Macdonough; Chorus; With Orchestra.
I Can't Do That Sum.S H Dudley; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
How Lovely Are The Messengers Mendelssohn.Lyric Quartet; With Orchestra.
Tell Mother I'll Be There Fillmore.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Killarney Michael Balfe.Shannon Quartet; With Orchestra.
Saved By Grace Stebbins.Macdonough; Bieling; With Orchestra.
Some One Thinks Of Some One Gardnier; Heit.Stanley; Macdonough; With Orchestra.Berliner.
Where Thou Art Mascheroni.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
Dearie. Kummer.Miss Morgan; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia.Dudley; Macdonough; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
When Evening Shadows Fall Jeff Branen; William Polla.Orpheus Quartet; With Orchestra.Victor.
Shall We Gather At The River Lowry.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
When The Evening Breeze Is Sighing Home Sweet Home Solman.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.Berliner.
Dear Old Dear Burt; Lampe.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.Berliner.
All Through The Night Boulton.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Just To Remind You Anderson; Mann.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Winter Bryan; Gumble.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Christ Arose Lowry.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
The Glowworm. Paul Lincke.Elizabeth Wheeler; With Orchestra.
Killarney Balfe.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
When You And I Were Young Maggie Butterfield.Mrs Morgan; Mr Stanley; With Orchestra.
Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour Fanny Crosby; W H Doane.Charles Harrison; Clifford Cairns; With Orchestra.Berliner.
Love Me And The World Is Mine Ernest Ball.Albert Campbell; With Orchestra.
Just Before The Battle Mother Geo F Root.Ernestine Schumann-heink; With Orchestra.
Hail Columbia Hopkinson.Horry Macdonough; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Loving. Klein.Lyric Quartet; With Orchestra.
Mandy Lane Mckenna.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Yankee Doodle.Billy Murray; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May.Harry Macdonough; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Down Among The Sheltering Palms Jas Brockman; Abe Olman.Lyric Quartet; With Orchestra.
My Starlight Maid Klein.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
My Dear Ernest Ball.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
I Need Thee Every Hour Annie S Hawks; Robert Lowry.Alma Gluck; Louise Homer; With Orchestra.
In The Evening By The Moonlight, Dear Louise Von Tilzer.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
My Dear Ernest Ball.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
One Little Sweet Little Girl. Chauncey Olcott.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
In Starlight King.Hayward; Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Good-bye Sweet Maryland Rosenfeld.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
The Woman Thou Gavest Me Cobb; Powell.Harry Macdonough; Hayden Quartet; With Orchestra.Berliner.
Estudiantina Waltz Waldteufel.William H Reitz; With Orchestra.
Lady Love Mckenna; Gumble.Harry Macdonough; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
In The Evening By The Moonlight Bland.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Heaven Is My Home Savage.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Go Pretty Rose Marzials.Miss Stevenson; Mr Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Throw Out The Life Line Ufford; Stebbins.Harry Macdonough; Hayden Quartet; With Orchestra.
Where The Edelweiss Is Blooming. Goetz; Sloane.Lyric Quartet; With Orchestra.
So Long, Mary! George M Cohan.George M Cohan Jr ; Guild Choristers; With Orchestra; Thomas Lender Jones.
The Garden Of Dreams Kummer.Miss Stevenson; Mr Macdonough; With Orchestra.
A Perfect Day Carrie Jacobs-bond.Alma Gluck; Orpheus Quartet; With Orchestra.
The Tale The Church Bells Tolled Williamis; Van Alstyne.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
The Palms Faure.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Funiculi, Funicula L Denza.John Mccormick; With Orchestra; With Male Chorus.
The Merry Widow. Lehar.Elise Stevenson; Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
If A Girl Like You Loved A Boy Like Me Cobb; Edwards.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Pansies Mean Thoughts And Thoughts Mean You Brown; Spencer.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
The Merry Widow. Lehar.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
When Sweet Marie Was Sweet Sixteen Ernest Ball.Macdonough; Bieling; With Orchestra.
Ship Of My Dreams Lamb; Solman.Hayden Quartet; With Orchestra.
When The Bees Are In The Hive Mills.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Columbia, the Gem Of The Ocean David T Shaw.Hsrry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
O Promise Me. De Koven.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
The Last Rose Of Summer Is The Sweetest Song Of All Sidney.Harry Macdonough; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Only A Message From Home, Sweet Home.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.Berliner.
This Rose Brings My Heart To You Wood; Edwards.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Jesus Is Calling Crosby; Stebbins.Stanley; Macdonough; With Orchestra.Berliner.
Faded Rose Roma.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Roses Bring Dreams Of You Ingraham.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.Berliner.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again J E Rankin; W G Tomer.Alma Gluck; Efrem Zimbalist; With Violin Obbligato; Orchestra.
Budweiser's A Friend Of Mine Furth.Billy Murray; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
I've A Longing In My Heart For You, Louise Harris.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Just Some One. Anderson.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Dillea.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Good Bye My Lady Love.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
Lost, Proscribed. Flotow.Werrenrath; Macdonough; With Orchestra.
The Holy City. Adams.Harry Macdonough With Orchestra.
Keep On Smiling Kendis; Paley.Billy Murray; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
There Never Was A Girl Like You Williams; Van Alstyne Field.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.Berliner.
When I Was Twenty-one And You Were Sweet Sixteen Williams; Von Tilzer.Harry Macdonough; American Quartet; With Orchestra.
A Little Girl At Home. O'dea; Herbert.Marguerite Dunlap; Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Kiss Duet. Oscar Straus.Stevenson; Macdonough; With Orchestra.
When The Harvest Days Are Over Graham.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Mollie Darling Will S Hays.Evan Williams; With Male Chorus; Orchestra.
Where The River Shannon Flows Russell.Harry Macdonough; With Orchestra.
Down Where The Silv'ry Mohawk Flows Heinzman.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Beulah Land Sweeney.Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
The Old Brigade. Barri.Harry Madconough; Frank C Stanley; With Orchestra.
Molly Lee Mahoney; Morse.Billy Murray; Haydn Quartet; With Orchestra.
Pal Of Mine Nathan.Macdonough; Bieling; With Orchestra.
My Dreamy China Lady Gus Kahn; Egbert Van Alstyne.Lyric Quartet; With Orchestra.Victor.
Martha. Flotow.Lyric Quartet; With Orchestra.
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