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Robin hood /Reginald de Koven.Columbia Light Opera Company, with orchestra accompaniment.
O promise me /De Koven, music ; [Smith, lyrics].Cora Tracey, Contralto with Orchestra Accompaniment.Pathé.
Oh, promise me /De Koven.Sung by Harry Macdonough [Side A].
Robin Hood. The crow song /Reginald De Koven ; [Smith, Harry Bache, libretto].Herbert Waterous, basso and male chorus ; De Koven Opera Co.Pathé.
O promise me /Reginald De Koven.John Ames ; Don Baker.
Hammock love song /Reginald De Koven. Hello people / F.C. Stanley with chorus.Stanley & Stevenson, baritone and soprano duet with orchestra.
Brown october ale /De Koven.Sung by Oscar Seagle [side A].
Oh promise me /De Koven.Irving Gillette.Edison.
The forest song /De Koven, music ; [Smith, lyrics].Ivy Scott.Pathé.
Armorer's song :from "Robin Hood" /De Koven.Eugene Cowles, bass with orchestra.
The recessional /Reginald DeKoven, music ; R. Kipling, lyrics?.Courtice Brown, tenor solo.Berliner.
Rob Roy /[Reginald de Koven, music] ; [Harry B. Smith, lyrics].48th Highlanders' Band ; Kilties.Edison.
Armorer's song :from "Robin Hood" /De Koven.John H. Meyer.
Oh, promise me /Scott ; De Koven.Elsie Baker.
Parody on "Oh promise me" /Clement William Scott, lyrics ; Reginald de Koven, music.Burt Shepard.Berliner.
The owl and the pussy cat /Lear, lyrics ; De Koven, music.Haydn Quartet.Berliner.
The owl and the pussy cat /DeKoven.Big City Four.
Song of brown October ale /[Smith, lyrics] ; [De Koven, music].[Frank C. Stanley].Columbia Indestructible.
Armorer's song /Clement William Scott, lyrics ; Reginald de Koven, music.John H. Meyer.Berliner.
Oh, promise me /de Koven.Louise Homer (contralto, with orchestra).
Owl and pussy cat /De Koven.Haydn Quartet.
Love's old sweet song /J.L. Molloy-G.F. [i.e. G.C.] Bingham, [performed by] Cloister Bells. Instrumental. Oh promise me / Reginald De Koven, [performed by] Cloister Bells. Instrumental.Cloister Bells.
Oh, Promise MeReginald De Koven.Donale Novis; With Eddie Dunstedter.
Oh, promise me :from Robin Hood /Reginald de Koven.Venetian Trio, violin, cello and harp.
The turnkey's song [= Rob Roy] /[Harry B. Smith, lyrics] ; [Reginald de Koven, music].Mr. Broderick.Berliner.
Oh, promise me! :(from "Robin Hood") /Clement Scott ; Reginald de Koven ; [performed by] Jesse Crawford. Because / Edward Teschemacher ; Guy D'Hardelot ; [performed by] Jesse Crawford.Jesse Crawford, Wurlitzer organ.
Armored song /[de Koven].J.J. Fisher.Berliner.
The owl and the pussy cat /de Koven ; the musical trust / Hadley.Columbia Quartette, male voices (1st work) ; Columbia Octette, male voices with orchestra (2nd work).Columbia.
Robin Hood. "The legend of the chimes" /Reginald De Koven ; [Smith, Harry Bache, libretto].Cora Tracey, contralto ; De Koven Opera Co.Pathé.
Oh, Promise Me /Scott ; de Koven.Elsie Baker, Contralto with orchestra.
Oh, promise me /Reginald de Koven.Venetian Trio.
Stein song /Bullard. Brown October ale / De Koven.Graham Marr (baritone) and Columbia Stellar Quartette, with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
The owl and the pussy cat /De Koven ; [Lear]. Bring back my Bonnie to me.Haydn Quartet, male quartet, unaccompanied [Side A] and with orchestra [Side B].
Robin Hood :selections /Reginald de Koven.Sousa's Band ; Arthur Pryor, conductor.Berliner.
The bold dragon /Henri Louis Reginald De Koven, lyrics and music.Courtice Brown, tenor solo.Berliner.
Oh, promise me /de Koven.Louise Homer, contralto with orchestra.
Robin redbreast :from "Happyland" /De Koven.Macdonough and Belmont with orchestra.
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