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Viderunt et alleluia :Christmas anthem /Chrales Weis.Columbia Mixed Quartette, orchestra accompaniment.
Beautiful isle of somewhere /J.S. Fearis.Columbia mixed quartette, orchestra accompaniment.
O Canada /Lavallee ; [Robert Stanley Weir]. A song of Canada / Percy Semon.Columbia Mixed Quartette (side A) ; Andrea Sarto (side B).Columbia
In The Glory Of The MoonlightWenrich.Henry Burr; Columbia Mixed Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Festival te deum :no. 7 in B flat /Dudley Buck. Morning / L. von der Mehden, Jr.Columbia Mixed Quartette (side A) ; Columbia Male Quartette (side B).Columbia.
Hark! the Herald angels sing /Mendelssohn.Henry Burr, tenor solo with organ accompaniment.Columbia
Silent Night, Hallowed Night.Christmas Hymn.Columbia Mixed Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Juanita /May. The two roses / Werner.Columbia Mixed Quartette (1st work) ; Columbia Stellar Quartette (2nd work) ; with flute, cello and piano acc.Columbia.
A Perfect DayCarrie Jacobs-bond.Columbia Mixed Quartette.
America.Words By Smith.Columbia Mixed Double Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Battle hymn of the republic /Julia Ward Howe, lyrics.Columbia Mixed Double Quartette, with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
If it takes a thousand years /Ball ; sung by James Reed, James F. Harrison. In the glory of the moonlight / Wenrich ; sung by Henry Burr, Columbia Mixed Quartette.Reed Miller (as James Reed), tenor (Side A).Columbia.
Scatter seeds of kindness /Vail ; [May Riley Smith]. Softly floating on the air / Root ; [James R. Murray].Henry Burr; Gwilym Miles (side A) ; Columbia Mixed Quartette (side B)Columbia.
Softly Floating On The AirRoot.Columbia Mixed Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Beautiful isle of somewhere /J.S. Fearis.Columbia mixed Quartette; orchestra accompaniment.
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