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Invocation to nature =[enregistrement sonore] /Nature immense, impénetrable et fièreBerlioz.Raoul Jobin, tenor ; Metropolitan Opera Orchestra ; Wilfred [i.e. Wilfrid] Pelletier.Columbia.
Voici des roses[enregistrement sonore] /Admire Gandonnière, livret ; Hector Berlioz, musique.M. Renaud.Berliner.
Sérénade "La damnation de Faust" /Berlioz.M. Pol Plançon, basso.
La dannazione di faust :A te grazie, o crepuscolo : Parte 3.a /Berlioz ; Gentili.Giovanni Malipiero ; Grande Orchestra ; Mario Cordone.
Sérénade "La damnation de Faust" /Hector Berlioz.M. Pol Plançon.
Damnation de Faust :Invocation à la nature /Berlioz ; livret de G. Gandonniere et Berlioz.M. Franz, accomp. orchestre.
Rákóczy march /Ernest Hutcheson, arr.Guy Maier ; Lee Pattison.
Marche hongroise /Admire Gandonnière, libretto ; Hector Berlioz, music.Garde Républicaine de Paris.Berliner.
La damnation de Faust : Voix des Roses[enregistrement sonore] /Admire Gandonnière, livret ; Hector Berlioz, musique.Renaud, baryton.Berliner.
Hans le joueur de flute :Chanson de la flute /Gandonniere, Almire see Berlioz ; Gandonniere G. L. Ganne.M. Ponzio, avec choeurs, accomp. orchestre.
Damnation de Faust :[enregistrement sonore] /sérénadeBerlioz.Robert Couzinou, baryton, de l'Opéra de Paris ; H. Maurice Jacquet, piano.Compo.
Serenade[enregistrement sonore] /Admire Gandonnière, libretto ; Hector Berlioz, music.M. Renaud, baritone solo.Berliner.
Sérénade de Mephisto /Berlioz.Maitre Francis Plante.
Adieu des bergers :extract from "The childhood of Christ" for mixed choir and orchestra /Berlioz, Hector see Berlioz ; Gandonniere G. Berlioz.Choir of the Strasbourg Cathedral ; Abbe Alphonse Hoch, with orchestra.
Marche Hongroise :Faust /Berlioz.Band of H. M. Coldstream Guards ; MacKenzie Rogan.
Damnation of faust :histopheles' serenade (while you play at sleeping) /Berlioz.Marcel Journet, with orchestra.
Damnation of Faust :rakoczy : Hungarian march : Op. 24 /Berlioz.Toscanini ; La Scala Orchestra.
Damnation of Faust - Dance of the sylphs /Berlioz.Victor Concert Orchestra.
Damnation of Faust :Minuet and presto /[Hector] Berlioz, music.Sousa's Band ; [Herbert L. Clarke, conductor].Berliner.
Faust's Verdammnis.Berlioz.Philharmonic Orchestra Berlin; Wilhelm Furtwangler.
Instruments of the orchestra :1. Piccolo: Will o' the wisp ; 2. Flute: Semiramide overture ; 3. Oboe: Aida, 3rd act ; 4. English horn: Largo ; 5. Clarinet: Orpheus overture ; 6. Bass clarinet : Tasso ; 7. Bassoon : Scherzo from 3rd Symphony ; 8. Contra bassoon : Fidelio /Berlioz ; Rossini ; Dvorak ; Offenbach ; Liszt ; Schumann ; Beethoven.
Damnation of Faust - minuet and presto /Berlioz.Sousa's Band.
Damnation of Faust :dance of the sylphs /Berlioz.Victor Concert Orchestra.
Les Troyens.Berlioz.Marie Delna.
Les Troyens.Berlioz.Felia Litvinne.
The damnation of Faust. Dance of the sylphs /[Berlioz].National Symphony Orchestra ; Dr. Heinz Unger, conductor.Decca.
Damnation De Faust.Berlioz.Sousa's Band.
Damnation of faust :oczy march /Berlioz.Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra ; Leopold Stokowski.
Invocation to nature[enregistrement sonore] /Berlioz.Raoul Jobin, tenor ; Metropolitan Opera Orchestra ; Wilfred [i.e. Wilfrid] Pelletier.Columbia.
La dannazione di Faust :Natura immensa (Invocazione alla natura) : P. 4.a /Mario Cordone ; Giovanni Malipiero ; Grande Orchestra.
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