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Avec les lumières de Paris[enregistrement sonore] /Poterat-Connor-Pola ; [interprété par] Ludovic Huot. Sierra Sue / Barry-Weirick-Carey ; [interprété par] Ludovic Huot.Chansons: Ludovic Huot, ténor ; Charlie Kittson, piano.
Sierra Sue /Joseph B. Carey, [performed by] Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra with vocal chorus by Kenny Sargent. Soft winds / Benny Goodman, [performed by] Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra.Glen Gray ; Kenny Sargent ; Casa Loma Orchestra.
Sierra SueJoseph B Carey.Glen Gray; The Casa Loma Orchestra; Kenny Sargent.
She sang "Aloha" to me /Jos. B. Carey.Raymond Dixon, tenor with orchestra ; Orpheus Quartet.Berliner.
When honey sings an old time song /Carey.Ballard & Lennox, tenor, soprano, orch. acc.
Sierra Sue /Carey.Red River Dave (Dave McEnery), singing with instru. accomp.
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