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Performer heading
Burr, Henry.
Stoddard, Edgar.
Burr, Henry
Sarto, Andrea
Burr, Henry.
Sarto, Andrea.
Henry Burr; Edgar Stoddard.
Then I'll Stop Loving You.
Composer heading
McCarthy, Joe, 1885-1943.
Goodwin, Joe, 1889-1943.
Generic label
Transcribed label
Side number
Take number
A1303; [Side was not photographable].
This catalog entry was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and by a grant from Lloyd E. Rigler and Lawrence E. Deutsch.
Comments: Andrea Sarto also known as Edgar Stoddard
Comments: Henry Burr Canadian
Issue no.: A1303
Matrix no.: 38667
Comments: Edgar Stoddard also known as Andrea Sarto; Magic Notes Label; Black label; "COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY" at bottom; 6 patent dates (1901-1909) listed in four lines; Price shown only to right of center hole; "Price in U.S., 65c" "Price in Canada, 85c" on label.
Discographical reference: The Columbia Master Book Discography, Volume 1, recording location; The Columbia Master Book Discography, Volume II, recording date; Note the notes: an illustrated history of the Columbia record label 1901-1958, release date.
Distributor: Columbia Graphophone Company.
Issue Type: Primary Label.
Released: [between 1914 and 1917]
Other number: 5.
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : 78 rpm
Songs, English.
Songs, English.
Chansons anglaises.
Chansons anglaises.
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