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Performer heading
Burr, Henry.
Campbell, Albert, 1872-1947.
Campbell and Burr on side A, Peerless Quartette on side B, vocals ; orchestra acc. ; banjo acc. on side B.
The story book ball / Montgomery and Perry ; sung by Campbell and Burr. Musical Sam from Alabam' / Thomas ; sung by Peerless Quartette.
Composer heading
Campbell, Albert, 1872-1947.
Montgomery, Billie.
Perry, George.
Thomas, Arthur.
Perry, George.
Generic label
Transcribed label
Take number
Columbia: A2533 (matrix 77664, matrix 77695).
"Tenor duet, orchestra accompaniment"--Side A.
"Vocal quartette, male voices, orchestra and banjo accompaniment"--Side B.
Discographical reference: disc; Canadian Music Trades Journal, release date; Columbia Master Book Discography, Volume II, recording date.
Distributor: Columbia Graphophone Company.
Issue type: primary label.
Other number: H - 140, copy 1; 1-C-122, copy 2.
Released: [Jun 1918].
Physical description
1 audio disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono ; 10 in.
Popular music
Popular music
Vocal duets with orchestra.
Vocal quartets with orchestra.
Songs, English.
Songs, English.
Chansons anglaises.
Musique populaire
Duos vocaux acc. d'orchestre.
Chansons anglaises.
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