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Performer heading
Macdonough, Harry, 1871-1931.
Haydn Quartet (Vocal group)
Haydn Quartet (Vocal group)
Haydn Quartet with orchestra.
The heart you lost in Maryland you'll find in Tennessee / [Lamb] ; Solman.
Composer heading
Solman, Alfred, 1868-1937.
Generic label
Transcribed label
Victor Record,
Issue number
Issue date from the Encyclopedic discography of Victor recordings / Fagan and Moran, 1983 and 1986.
Victor Record: 5398.
Comments: Single sided disc; brown disc; sunken label; Victor Talking Machine Co. matrices, sales/use licence in Canada only, appears arcing as a double-line across top of label; HMV symbol on label; "His Master's Voice"; patented Feb. 24, 1897; "Awarded First Prize, Buffalo, St. Louis and Portland Expositions", appears arcing across bottom of label.
Discographical reference: disc; Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Library, composer/lyricist; The Toronto Daily Star, release date, release year.
Distributor: Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co. of Canada.
Issue type: primary label.
Other number: 2.
Released: [ca. 1 May 1908].
Physical description
1 audio disc ; 10 in.
Vocal quartets with orchestra.
Popular music
Songs, English.
Songs, English.
Chansons anglaises.
Musique populaire
Chansons anglaises.
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