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Victor Mixed Chorus.
Victor Mixed Chorus
Victor Mixed Chorus.
Songs of the past, no. 4 : A little boy in blue ; Sweet Rosie O'Grady ; Just tell them that you saw me ; In the good old summer time ; The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo ; Hear dem bells / [Raymond A.] Browne ; [Theodore F.] Morse ; [Maude] Nugent ; [Paul] Dresser ; [Ren] Shields ; [George] Evans ; [Fred] Gilbert ; [D.S.] McCosh.
Composer heading
Dresser, Paul.
Evans, George.
Gilbert, Fred.
McCosh, D. S.
Dresser, Paul
Evans, George
Gilbert, Fred
McCosh, D. S.
Transcribed label
His Master's Voice,
(Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co of Canada)
Issue number
Issue no.: 35483.
Issue no.: 35483
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono.
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