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Performer heading
Harlan, Byron G., 1861-1936.
Stanley, Frank C., 1868-1910.
Harlan, Byron G., 1861-1936
Stanley, Frank C., 1868-1910
Harlan and Stanley.
In a country blacksmith shop.
Transcribed label
Concert Record,
(Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co.)
Issue number
Comments: Berliner is a Canadian record company.
Comments: brass spindle grommet.
Comments: brown disc.
Comments: brown paper label.
Comments: HMV symbol on label.
Comments: single sided disc.
Comments: sunken label.
Issue no.: 5932.
Comments: Berliner is a Canadian record company
Comments: brass spindle grommet
Comments: brown disc
Comments: brown paper label
Comments: HMV symbol on label
Comments: single sided disc
Comments: sunken label
Issue no.: 5932
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono ; 25 cm
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