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Performer heading
Haendel, Ida, 1928-2020.
Rankl, Karl.
Haendel, Ida, 1928-
Rankl, Karl
National Symphony Orchestra.
National Symphony Orchestra
Ida Haendel ; National Symphony Orchestra ; Karl Rankl, conductor.
3rd. mov. : finale : allegro giocoso / Dvorak.
Transcribed label
(Decca Record Co. Ltd.)
Issue number
AK 1746
Matrix number
AR 11477
Take number
Album no.: EDA 77.
Comments: Ida Haendel Canadian.
Comments: No. 6 of 8 sides.
Comments: Original album jacket intact.
Comments: Recorded at Kingsway Hall, London.
Issue no.: AK 1746.
Matrix no.: AR 11477.
Other no.: K; 3.
Take no.: 2.
Album no.: EDA 77
Comments: Ida Haendel Canadian
Comments: No. 6 of 8 sides
Comments: Original album jacket intact
Comments: Recorded at Kingsway Hall, London
Issue no.: AK 1746
Matrix no.: AR 11477
Other no.: K; 3
Take no.: 2
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc ; 30 cm
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