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Performer heading
Pellerin, Hector, 1887-1953.
Pellerin, Hector, 1887-1953
Hector Pellerin, avec orchestre.
N'oubliez pas : sur l'air de "Lest you forget" / Beaudry ; Eckstein.
Composer heading
Eckstein, Willie, 1888-1963.
Beaudry, R. (Louis-Roméo), 1882-1932.
Eckstein, Willie, 1888-1963
Beaudry, R. (Louis-Roméo), 1882-1932
Transcribed label
His Master's Voice,
Issue number
Comments: Canadian series of Victor records.
Comments: Hector Pellerin Canadian.
Comments: R. (Louis-Roméo) Beaudry Canadian.
Comments: Willie Eckstein Canadian.
Issue no.: 263134.
Comments: Canadian series of Victor records
Comments: Hector Pellerin Canadian
Comments: R. (Louis-Roméo) Beaudry Canadian
Comments: Willie Eckstein Canadian
Issue no.: 263134
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono.
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