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Performer heading
Macdonough, Harry, 1871-1931.
Stanley, Frank C., 1868-1910.
Macdonough, Harry, 1871-1931
Stanley, Frank C., 1868-1910
Stanley ; Macdonough, with orchestra.
The flowers outside the café / Solman, music ; [Lamb, lyrics].
Composer heading
Solman, Alfred, 1868-1937.
Lamb, Arthur J., 1870-1928.
Solman, Alfred, 1868-1937
Lamb, Arthur J., 1870-1928
Transcribed label
Victor Talking Machine Co.Victor,
(Victor Talking Machine Co.)
Issue number
Take number
Comments: Grand Prize.
Comments: Harry Macdonough Canadian.
Comments: single-sided disc.
Comments: sunken label.
Distributor: Victor Talking Machine Co.
Issue no.: 5332.
Take no.: [2].
Comments: Grand Prize
Comments: Harry Macdonough Canadian
Comments: single-sided disc
Comments: sunken label
Distributor: Victor Talking Machine Co.
Issue no.: 5332
Take no.: [2]
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono ; 25 cm
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