Item: Cohen, Leonard

Cohen, Leonard
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Nothing Has Been Broken
Nothing has been broken
though one of the links of the chain
is a blue butterfly

Here he was attacked
They smiled as they came and retired
baffled with blue dust

The banks so familiar with metal
they made for the wings
The thick vault fluttered

The pretty girls advanced
their fingers cupped
They bled from the mouth as though struck

The jury asked for pity
and touched and were electrocuted
by the blue antennae

A thrust at any link
might have brought him down
but each of you aimed at the blue butterfly
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Nothing Has Been Broken
Cohen, Leonard
Source: Canadian poets I [sound recording]
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, (T-55106-55109), 1966. -- 4 s. : 33 1/3 rpm., microgroove ; 12 in. -- Side 3, track 6
© Leonard Cohen and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Reproduced with the permission of RK Management, LLC and CBC.

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