Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada Booklets

The Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada Series, published by the Canadian Historical Association, covers Canada's ethnic groups and important topics related to ethnicity and immigration in Canada. The federal government agreed to fund 40 booklets.

Volume 1
Bumsted, J.M. The Scots in Canada [PDF 2.03 MB]
Volume 2
Higgs, David. The Portuguese in Canada [PDF 1.96 MB]
Volume 3
Ward, W. Peter. The Japanese in Canada [PDF 2.39 MB]
Volume 4
Avery, D.H.; Fedorowicz, J.K. The Poles in Canada [PDF 2.46 MB]
Volume 5
Johnston, Hugh. The East Indians in Canada, [PDF 2.63 MB]
Volume 6
Walker, James W. St. G. The West Indians in Canada [PDF 2.67 MB]
Volume 7
Vigod, Bernard L. The Jews in Canada [PDF 1.98 MB]
Volume 8
Lindstrom-Best, Varpu. The Finns in Canada [PDF 2.05 MB]
Volume 9
Tan, Jin; Roy, Patricia. The Chinese in Canada [PDF 2.46 MB]
Volume 10
Gerus, O.W. ; Rea, J.E. The Ukrainians in Canada [PDF 2.47 MB]
Volume 11
McLaughlin, K.M. The Germans in Canada [PDF 2.29 MB]
Volume 12
Wilson, David A. The Irish in Canada [PDF 2.16 MB]
Volume 13
Little, J.I. Ethno-Cultural Transition and Regional Identity in the Eastern Townships of Quebec [PDF 2.88 MB]
Volume 14
Ramirez, Bruno. The Italians in Canada [PDF 2.55 MB]
Volume 15
Whitaker, Reg. Canadian Immigration Policy [PDF 2.79 MB]
Volume 16
Barber, Marilyn. Immigrant Domestic Servants in Canada [PDF 3 MB]
Volume 17
Palmer, Howard. Ethnicity and Politics in Canada since Confederation [PDF 3.30 MB]
Volume 18
Behiels, Michael D. Quebec and the Question of Immigration: From Ethnocentrism to Ethnic Pluralism, 1900-1985 [PDF 2.82 MB]
Volume 19
Thompson, John Herd. Ethnic Minorities during Two World Wars [PDF 2.22 MB]
Volume 20
Jaenen, Cornelius J. The Belgians in Canada ​[PDF 2.59 MB]
Volume 21
Frenette, Yves. The Anglo-Normans in Eastern Canada [PDF 2.27 MB]
Volume 22
Iacovetta, Franca. The Writing of English Canadian Immigrant History [PDF 3.49 MB]
Volume 23
Pâquet, Martin. Toward a Quebec ministry of Immigration, 1945 to 1968 [PDF 3.12 MB]
Volume 24
Martel, Marcel. French Canada: An Account of its Creation and Breakup, 1850-1967 [PDF 3.18 MB]
Volume 25
Perin, Roberto. The Third Force in Canadian Catholicism, 1880-1920 [PDF 3.34 MB]
Volume 26
Cosentino, Frank. Afros, Aboriginals and Amateur Sport in Pre World War One Canada [PDF 2.76 MB]
Volume 27
Patrias, Carmela. The Hungarians in Canada [PDF 3.11 MB]
Volume 28
Dorais, Louis-Jacques. The Cambodians, Laotians and Vietnamese in Canada [PDF 2.79 MB]
Volume 29
Loewen, Royden. Ethnic Farm Culture in Western Canada [PDF 2.65 MB]
Volume 30
McGowan, Mark. Creating Canadian Historical Memory: The Case of the Famine Migration of 1847 [PDF 2.05 MB]
Volume 31
Zucchi, John. History of Ethnic Enclaves in Canada [PDF 528 KB]
Volume 32
Freund, Alexandre. Oral History and Ethnic History [PDF 1.20 MB]
Volume 33
Caron, Caroline-Isabelle. The Acadians [PDF 4.59 MB]
Volume 34
Chilton, Lisa. Receiving Canada's Immigrants: The Work of the State Before 1930 [PDF 771 KB]
Volume 35
Epp, Marlene. Refugees in Canada, a Brief History [PDF 1.21 MB]
Volume 36
Molinaro, Dennis. Deportation from Canada [PDF 841 KB]
Volume 37
Giesbrecht, Jodi & Tomchuk, Tom. Redress Movements in Canada [PDF 909 KB]
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