Historical Booklets

The Historical Booklets series published by the Canadian Historical Association provides the general reader, the teacher and the historical specialist with concise accounts of specific historical issues in the history of Canada. The association suspended the series in 2005.

Volume 1
Stacey, C. P., The Undefended Border: The Myth and the Reality, [PDF 1.97 MB]
Volume 2
Stanley, George F.G., Louis Riel: Patriot or Rebel?, [PDF 2.66 MB]
Volume 3
Frégault, Guy, Canadian Society in the French Regime , [PDF 1.47 MB]
Volume 4
MacNutt, W.S., The Making of the Maritime Provinces, 1713-1784, [PDF 1.80 MB]
Volume 5
Burt, A.L., Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester, 1724-1808, [PDF 1.66 MB]
Volume 6
Trudel, Marcel, The Seigneurial Regime, [PDF 1.67 MB]
Volume 7
Soward, F.H., The Department of External Affairs and Canadian Autonomy, 1899-1939, [PDF 1.99 MB]
Volume 8
Underhill, F.H., Canadian Political Parties, [PDF 2.02 MB]
Volume 9
Morton, W.L., The West and Confederation, 1857-1871, [PDF 1.99 MB]
Volume 10
Rothney, G.O., Newfoundland: A History, [PDF 2.94 MB]
Volume 11
Ouellet, Fernand, Louis-Joseph Papineau: A Divided Soul, [PDF 2.10 MB]
Volume 12
Masters, D.C., Reciprocity, 1846-1911 , [PDF 2.11 MB]
Volume 13
Brunet, Michel, French Canada and the early decades of British rule, 1760-1791, [PDF 1.55 MB]
Volume 14
Oleson, T.J., The Norsemen in America, [PDF 2.00 MB]
Volume 15
Waite, P.B., The Charlottetown Conference, 1864, [PDF 2.53 MB]
Volume 16
Graham, Roger, Arthur Meighen, [PDF 1.72 MB]
Volume 17
Beck, J. Murray, Joseph Howe: Anti-Confederate, [PDF 1.86 MB]
Volume 18
Eccles, W.J., The Government of New France, [PDF 1.61 MB]
Volume 19
Cornell, Paul G., The Great Coalition, [PDF 2.00 MB]
Volume 20
Whitelaw, W.M., The Quebec Conference, [PDF 2.34 MB]
Volume 21
Bonenfant, Jean-Charles, The French Canadians and the Birth of Confederation, [PDF 1.58 MB]
Volume 22
Cowan, Helen I., British Immigration Before Confederation, [PDF 1.71 MB]
Volume 23
Wilson, Alan, The Clergy Reserves of Upper Canada, [PDF 2.21 MB]
Volume 24
Wilbur, Richard, The Bennett Administration, 1930-1935, [PDF 2.19 MB]
Volume 25
Preston, Richard A., Canadian Defence Policy and the Development of the Canadian Nation, 1867-1917, [PDF 2.15 MB]
Volume 26
Thomas, Lewis H., The North-West Territories, 1870-1905, [PDF 2.03 MB]
Volume 27
Forsey, Eugene A., The Canadian Labour Movement, 1812-1902, [PDF 1.75 MB]
Volume 28
Abella, Irving, The Canadian Labour Movement, 1902-1960, [PDF 2.69 MB]
Volume 29
Levitt, Joseph, Henri Bourassa - Catholic Critic, [PDF 1.83 MB]
Volume 30
Trigger, Bruce G., The Indians and the Heroic Age of New France, [PDF 2.34 MB]
Volume 31
Macleod, R.C., The North West Mounted Police, 1873-1919, [PDF 1.95 MB]
Volume 32
Careless, J.M.S., The Rise of Cities in Canada Before 1914, [PDF 2.31 MB]
Volume 33
MacPherson, Ian, The Co-operative Movement on the Prairies, 1900-1955, [PDF 1.95 MB]
Volume 34
Artibise, Alan F.J., Prairie Urban Development, 1870-1930, [PDF 2.56 MB]
Volume 35
Jones, Richard, Duplessis and the Union Nationale Administration, [PDF 1.90 MB]
Volume 36
Forbes, Ernest R., Aspects of Maritime Regionalism, 1867-1927,[PDF 2.22 MB]
Volume 37
Pierson, Ruth Roach, Canadian Women and the Second World War, [PDF 2.58 MB]
Volume 38
Zaslow, Morris, The Northwest Territories, 1905-1980, [PDF 2.05 MB]
Volume 39
Horn, Michiel, The Great Depression of the 1930s in Canada, [PDF 2.06 MB]
Volume 40
Jaenen, Cornelius J., The Role of the Church in New France, [PDF 2.40 MB]
Volume 41
Walker, James W. St. G., Racial Discrimination in Canada: The Black Experience, [PDF 2.43 MB]
Volume 42
Sager, Eric W.; Fischer, Lewis R., Shipping and Shipbuilding in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914, [PDF 1.89 MB]
Volume 43
Pannekoek, Frits, The Fur Trade and Western Canadian Society, 1670-1870, [PDF 2.44 MB]
Volume 44
Page, Robert, The Boer War and Canadian Imperialism, [PDF 2.45 MB]
Volume 45
Paquet, Gilles; Wallot, Jean-Pierre, Lower Canada at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century: Restructuring and Modernization, [PDF 2.14 MB]
Volume 46
Read, Colin, The Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada, [PDF 2.41 MB]
Volume 47
Courville, Serge; Séguin, Normand, Rural Life in Nineteenth-Century Quebec, [PDF 2.42 MB]
Volume 48
Crowley, Terry, Louisbourg: Atlantic Fortress and Seaport, [PDF 2.01 MB]
Volume 49
Dumont, Micheline, Girls' Schooling in Quebec, 1639-1960, [PDF 2.61 MB]
Volume 50
Flanagan, Thomas, Louis Riel, [PDF 2.13 MB]
Volume 51
Bell, D.G., Henry Aline and Maritime Religion, [PDF 2.41 MB]
Volume 52
MacLeod, Malcolm, Kindred Countries: Canada and Newfoundland Before Confederation, [PDF 2.46 MB]
Volume 53
Strong-Boag, Veronica, "Janey Canuck": Women in Canada, 1919-1939, [PDF 2.67 MB]
Volume 54
Morton, Desmond, 1945: When Canada Won the War, [PDF 2.40 MB]
Volume 55
Bernard, Jean-Paul, The Rebellions of 1837 and 1838 in Lower Canada,  [PDF 3.22 MB]
Volume 56
Zeller, Suzanne, Land of Promise, Promised Land: The Culture of Victorian Science in Canada, [PDF 2.44 MB]
Volume 57
Miller, James R., Canada and the Aboriginal Peoples, 1867-1927, [PDF 2.61 MB]
Volume 58
Lacasse, Danielle; Lechasseur, Antonio, The National Archives of Canada 1872-1997, [PDF 3.53 MB]
Volume 59
Noel, Jan, Women in New France, [PDF 2.60 MB]
Volume 60
Cellard, André, Punishment, Imprisonment and Reform in Canada, from New France to the Present, [PDF 2.03 MB]
Volume 61
MacKenzie, David, Canada's Red Scare 1945-1957, [PDF 1.82 MB]
Volume 62
Wright, Donald, The Canadian Historical Association: A History,[PDF 2.68 MB]
Volume 63
Bernier, Jacques, Disease, Medicine and Society in Canada: A Historical Overview, [PDF 2.46 MB]
Volume 64
Errington, Elizabeth Jane, Women and their Work in Upper Canada, [PDF 1.42 MB]
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