Canadian Historical Association Booklets

The History of the CHA Booklets

The Canadian Historical Association (CHA) publishes a series of booklets in both English and French on aspects of Canadian history. The first CHA booklet, The Undefended Border: The Myth and the Reality, by C.P. Stacey, appeared in 1953. Since that time, 63 more booklets in the general series have appeared. In 1979 with support from the federal Multiculturalism Program, the CHA began producing a series of booklets on Canada's diverse peoples. There are currently 32 booklets in the Ethnic Groups series and more are in press. In 2005, the CHA concluded an agreement with Library and Archives Canada to digitize the booklets for online access. The project was funded through a grant from Foreign Affairs Canada. The CHA is grateful to Foreign Affairs Canada and Library and Archives Canada for their help in reaching new readers.

The CHA Today

Founded in 1922, the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) / Société historique du Canada (SHC) is a bilingual scholarly organization dedicated to research in all fields of history. The CHA is involved in many activities. It oversees a vigorous publication program; it lobbies governments, archives, and museums in Canada and elsewhere on issues relating to the preservation and availability of historical records; it organizes an annual conference in which historians showcase their research; it supports graduate students pursuing degrees in history; and it offers a number of prizes to recognize and promote excellence in historical scholarship. With members from across Canada and around the world, the CHA serves professional historians and is open to anyone with an interest in history. A non-profit organization incorporated in 1970, the CHA has charitable status and as such can issue official donation receipts.

You can contact the CHA to purchase print versions of the Historical Booklets or Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada Booklets.

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