Page: 1 : Ottawa Street, Alphabetical, Classified Business and Miscellaneous Directory 1883

The Ottawa Street, Alphabetical, Classified Business and Miscellaneous Directory, to Which Is Added a Directory of the Immediate Suburbs, Comprising Archville, Bank Street Road, Billings' Bridge, City of Hull, Janeville, Mount Sherwood, Village of New Edinburgh, Richmond Road, Rochesterville and Stewarton, Also a Directory of the County of Carleton. -- Ottawa: A.S. Woodburn, 1883. -- XII, 352, [3] p., 1 illustration.

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<i>The Ottawa Street, Alphabetical, Classified Business And Miscellaneous Directory&#133;1883</i>
Source: The Ottawa street, alphabetical, classified business and miscellaneous directory [microform]
Ottawa : A.S. Woodburn, 1881-1883. -- (1883). -- Entire work
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