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Item Number Title Artist Date
71 Quebec. Champlain Street near Cap Blanc Unknown 1880-06-05
83 Quebec Sketches. Cote Abraham, Quebec Unknown 1880-06-26
94 Quebec. View From Champlain Street Unknown 1880-07-17
103 King Street, the Great Thoroughfare of Toronro [sic] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Julien, Henri, 1852-1908; Notman and Fraser 1880-07-31
362 Main Street, Winnipeg [Views of Winnipeg] Unknown 1882-04-15
1077 Excavations on St. James Street Unknown 1870-05-28
1740 A Sketch on St. James Street [Montreal] Unknown 1875-01-16
2258 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines Craig, William; B., E. E. 1871-09-23
2259 Corner of Yates and Ontario Street, St. Catharines B, E. E. 1871-09-23
2354 Cumberland Street, Nassau Unknown 1871-11-25
3148 The Toronto Woollen Mills; Messrs. Barber Bros., Proprietors [Streetsville, Ont.] Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873; Morton 1873-03-15
3523 Quebec. Champlain Street Near Cap Blanc Weston, James L., ca. 1815-1896 1879-09-06
4523 Montreal in 1806. Notre Dame Street, Looking West From the Place d'Armes Unknown 1879-01-18
4533 Toronto. "Doing King Street" Glazebrook, H. 1879-01-25
4548 View on James Street, Hamilton Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1871-08-05
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