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58 Midday on the Forecastle [Incidents on Shipboard] Kendrick, Charles, Act. 1872-1873 1872-09-14
118 Figure Head of the "Atalanta" as Exhibited at St. John [sic], Newfoundland Unknown 1880-09-04
122 Ironclad Attacked by Torpedo Boats Crisenoy 1880-09-11
416 The First Bit of Sunshine [Incidents on Shipboard] Kendrick, Charles, Act. 1872-1873 1872-09-14
817 Model of a Penterre in the Time of Alexander the Great Unknown 1869-11-27
1013 The "Captain" Turret Ship Unknown 1870-04-09
1026 Moonlight Stanfield, Clarson 1870-04-16
1131 The "Chicora" Davis 1870-06-25
1169 H.M.S. "Crocodile" at Quebec Carlisle, William Ogle, Act. 1870-1876 1870-07-20
1207 Spain. The German Frigate "Friedrich Karl" and the Spanish Insurgent Fleet in the Harbour of Cartegena Unknown 1873-09-27
1256 Mr. W. J. Fraser, Winner of the Gilchrist Scholarship for 1873 Unknown 1873-11-01
1591 H.M.S. "Bellerophon" Lying off Point Levis Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Dyns, Joseph 1874-09-26
1737 The Only Friend Unknown 1875-01-16
1754 Grand-Papa's Darling Unknown 1875-01-30
1921 The Italian Fleet Saluting the Emperor Francis-Joseph at His Departure [Venice] Scoll, H.; Méaulle, F. 1875-05-29
2063 Ho! for the West [1] Unknown 1876-07-08
2439 Burning of the Steamers "Highlander" and "Hercules" at Garden Island Dix Jr., Capt. 1872-01-20
2610 The Clipper Ship "Great Republic" [St. John, N.B.] Russell, Edward John, 1832-1906 1872-05-25
2621 View at Burrard Inlet [British Columbia] Withrow, D. 1872-06-01
2631 H.M. Turret Ship "Thunderer" Rimbault, J. H. 1872-06-08
2707 North German Iron Clad Fleet [The War] Unknown 1870-09-17
2715 French Iron Clad Fleet Passing Dover Unknown 1870-09-24
2758 Shipping at Burrard Inlet [British Columbia] Withrow, D. 1872-07-13
2785 The Ship "Emigrant" Being Towed to Charlottetown, P.E.I. Carlisle, William Ogle, Act. 1870-1876 1872-07-27
3000 Exhilarating Jump, Edward, Act. 1871-1873 1872-11-23
3297 S.S. "City of Brussels", Bearing the Irish Canadian Pilgrims to Rome, off Sandy Hook. The Steamer "Seth Lowe" Parting Company Unknown 1877-05-12
4076 Canada's Floating Farms. On Board the "Memphis" Unknown 1879-04-19
4363 Ship "Bertie Bigelow" 1100 Tons, Owned by Dennis & Doane [Yarmouth (N.S.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-09-28
4447 Halifax. S.S. "Minia", Cable Ship for all N.A. Stations Chase, W. A., Act. 1868-1870 1878-11-09
4453 The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's Steamer "Sarmatian" Unknown 1871-05-27
4466 The Steamship "Sarmatian", Chartered to Convey His Excellency the New Governor-General and H.R.H. the Princess Louise to Canada Unknown 1878-11-30
4468 Grand Salute in Honour of The Marquis and Princess on Board the "Sarmation", in Halifax Harbour [The Vice-Regal Reception at Halifax] Unknown 1878-12-07
4596 The "Alert" Hoisting Colours at the Highest Latitude Attained by Any Ship On Record Unknown 1876-12-02
17739 Some of the Ships of War Outside Alexandria Harbour. Saluting the Sultan W., I. R. 1882-07-22
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