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Item Number Title Artist Date
408 The Jacques Cartier Bridge on the Lake St. John Railroad Livernois 1882-10-07
799 Chatelard Viaduct of the Lausanne and Friburg Railroad Unknown 1869-11-20
2240 Bridge Over the Yamaska, on the Drummondville and Arthabaska R.R. Unknown 1871-09-16
2305 The Intercolonial Railway Bridge at River du Loup D., Miss 1871-10-21
2306 The Piers for the Bridge at Trois Pistoles D., Miss 1871-10-21
2379 Gosford Railway Bridge Over the Jacques Cartier River Unknown 1871-12-09
2380 Bridge Under Construction on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway (Chaudiere Extension) Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1871-12-09
2385 Swing Bridge Across the Rideau Canal, on the Chaudiere Extension of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1871-12-16
2399 Erection of the Canada Southern Railway Bridge at St. Thomas, Ont. Unknown 1871-12-23
3276 Metis Bridge [Scenes on the Intercolonial Railway] Fenwick, T., Act. 1873-1880 1877-04-07
3331 Bridges on the Intercolonial Railway Henderson, Alexander, 1831-1913 1877-08-18
4245 Bridge on the Rigi Railway Unknown 1870-12-17
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