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Item Number Title Artist Date
1065 The Ridgeway Monument for Queen's Park Toronto Unknown 1870-05-21
1166 Unveiling the Ridgeway Monument at Toronto, 1st July, 1870 Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1870-07-16
1170 Monument at Sillery Unknown 1870-07-23
1227 Berlin. Unveiling the Sedan Column of Victory Unknown 1873-10-11
1335 Italy. Unveiling of the Monument to Cavour at Turin Lix, Frédéric Théodore, 1830-1897; Daudenarde, A. 1873-12-27
1567 Quebec, Its Monuments and Scenery Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1874-09-12
2209 The Scott Monument, Edinburgh Unknown 1871-08-26
2261 The Wolfe and Montcalm Monument, Quebec Leggo and Co. 1871-09-30
2927 Monument Erected by the Canadian Press to the Memory of the Late Geo. Spaight and C.E.D.F. Lodge [Montreal] Leggo and Co. 1872-10-05
3671 Inauguration of the Monument of Theophile Gauthier, in the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise Dutheil, H. 1875-08-14
3892 The Welsford and Parker Monument, Halifax, N.S. B., E. E. 1871-04-29
4540 The Beaver Dam's Monument Unknown 1879-01-25
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