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53 Plan of Hull Showing the Burnt District Unknown 1880-05-01
253 Map of the City, the Shaded Part Being the District Destroyed by Fire [6] [The Great Fire at Quebec. The City After the Conflagration] Bellew, Frank Henry Temple, 1828-1888 1881-06-18
791 Map of the Suez Canal Unknown 1869-11-13
862 Pembina [Map] Unknown 1869-12-25
1016 The Varennes Mineral Springs Unknown 1870-04-09
1300 Map of Cuba, Showing the Course of the "Tornado" and the "Virginius" [The "Virginius" Outrage] Unknown 1873-11-29
1472 The Three Proposed Railway Routes, Russian, English, and German, for Connecting Europe and Asia Unknown 1874-03-21
2047 Quebec. Map of a Part of the City, Shewing the Burnt District Unknown 1876-06-10
2304 Map of Chicago, Showing the Burnt District Unknown 1871-10-21
2360 Plan of the Race Course, River Tyne, England Unknown 1871-11-25
2672 Map of the Seat of War in Europe. Showing the Principal Strategic Points on the Rhine and the Coast Unknown 1870-08-20
2731 Latest War Map of Europe Unknown 1870-10-01
2895 Plan of Paris and Suburbs Unknown 1870-10-08
2908 Map of River and Lake Neepigon Mason, Thomas 1870-10-22
3381 Montréal. 1725. Plan de la Ville de Montréal en Canada à 46d, 55m, de latitude septente Lanson, Moullart 1877-12-15
4216 Chart Showing the Position of Silver Island, Lake Superior Unknown 1870-12-03
4595 Map Showing the Route of the North Pole Expedition Unknown 1876-11-25
17733 Plan of the Suez Canal Unknown 1882-07-22
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