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Item Number Title Artist Date
86 Fishing Settlement Temple Harbour, Coast of Labrador [Sketches on the Straits of Belle Isle] Unknown 1880-07-03
113 The Shipping of Montreal. The Future Free Port of the Dominion Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1880-08-21
220 Shearer's Hydraulic Scheme for the Improvement of the Montreal Harbour Unknown 1881-04-05
296 The Harbour Illumination at Halifax Unknown 1881-10-15
297 The Harbour Illumination at Halifax Unknown 1881-10-15
1234 View of the Entrance of Pictou Harbour, N.S. Unknown 1873-10-18
1311 View of Santiago de Cuba [The "Virginius" Outrage] Unknown 1873-12-06
1936 The Harbour and Dyke Projected by M. Dupuy do Lome [The Two Plans for Connecting Calais With Dover] Unknown 1875-06-05
2229 Collingwood Harbour H. 1871-09-09
3458 New York Harbour. View From South Street Unknown 1878-04-27
3669 Montreal. Part of the Port, Looking West Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1875-08-14
4321 View of Kingston and Its Harbor From Fort Henry Henderson, H. 1878-09-14
17746 Egypt. View of the Suez Canal. Harbor of Port Said Unknown 1882-07-22
18530 The Harbour of Valencia [The German Prince Imperial's Visit to Spain] Unknown 1883-12-29
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