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Item Number Title Artist Date
1469 Interior of the Philadelphia Exhibition Building Bromley, C. J., Sc. 1874-03-21
1471 The Great Tower of the Philadelphia Exhibition Building Unknown 1874-03-21
1766 The American Centennial. Fine Arts Exhibition Building, Philadelphia Unknown 1875-02-06
1805 The American Centennial. The Agricultural Exhibition Building Unknown 1875-02-27
1806 The American Centennial. Main Exhibition Building Unknown 1875-02-27
1952 London, Ont. Western Fair Building and Grounds Unknown 1875-10-30
2037 The Women's Pavilion, Exhibition Grounds, Philadelphia Unknown 1876-05-20
2065 The Canadian Lumber Trophy at the Centennial Exhibition Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1876-07-15
2998 The Vienna Exhibition Building. Under the Great Rotunda Bader, F. W. 1872-11-23
3315 A View of the Australian Exhibition Building Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1877-06-23
3504 Toronto. View of the Horticultural Exhibition Building Stanton and Vicars 1879-07-26
3531 Toronto. The Great Exhibition. Unknown 1879-09-13
3534 Halifax. The Exhibition Building Twining, H. E. 1879-09-27
3538 Exhibition Buildings Seen From the River [1] [Ottawa. The First Dominion Exhibition] Unknown 1879-10-04
3676 New Brunswick.The Provincial Exhibition Building at St. John [sic] Unknown 1875-08-21
3838 Vienna. Bird's Eye View of the Exhibition Building Unknown 1873-07-05
4405 The New Exhibition Building [Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition] Unknown 1878-10-12
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