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648 Residence of Mr. J. P. Wiser [Views in Prescott (Ont.)] Unknown 1878-04-27
650 The Farm-House: Residence of the Superintendent and Veterinary Surgeon [Views in Prescott (Ont.)] Unknown 1878-04-27
781 Rosemount. The Residence of H.R.H. Prince Arthur (The Property and Former Residence of Hon. John Rose) Unknown 1869-10-30
863 Governor Mcdougall's Retreat at Pembina Unknown 1869-12-25
1086 General O'Neil's Head Quarters Vogt, Adolphe, 1842-1871 1870-06-04
1601 A Half-Breed's Dwelling [Sketches in the North West] Gascard, G., Act. 1873-1874 1874-10-03
1603 Interior of Half-Breed's Dwelling [Sketches in the North West] Unknown 1874-10-03
1730 Souvenir. Hon. Justice Coursol's Residence Unknown 1875-01-09
2156 Dufferin, Manitoba H. 1877-02-03
2717 Residence of Gelima, Chief of the Kanala Tribe Robin 1870-09-24
2764 Miners' Cabin, Cariboo Gold Diggings Unknown 1872-07-13
2852 Interior of a Peasant's Cabin, in Suabia Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873 1872-09-14
2881 The Irish Distress. The Interior of a Cottage Brown, J. R. 1880-02-14
2946 Visit of H.E. the Governor General. Illumination of the Lieutenant-Governor's Resistance [Toronto] Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873; Mathews, M. 1872-10-19
3073 The Governor's Residence [Victoria, B.C.] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1873-01-18
3377 Manitoba. Government House, Fort Garry Penrose 1877-12-01
3568 Niagara. "Our Western Home." Miss Rye's Distributing Home for Immigrant Children Unknown 1879-12-06
3875 Haddon Hall, Derbyshire, Seat of the Duke of Rutland Unknown 1873-07-19
4149 Residence of Mr. J. McCarthy [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4150 Residence of the Late C. H. Peck, Esq. [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4168 Residence of Mr. James Millar [Spencerville (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-29
4169 Mr. A. Carmichael's Store and Residence [Spencerville (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-29
4180 Residence of Dr. Ferguson, M.P. [Kemptville (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-07-13
4188 Residence of Mr. A. McPherson [Kemptville (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-07-13
4222 The Admiralty House [Halifax, Nova Scotia] Unknown 1878-08-24
4323 Up the Ottawa. Portage du Fort Unknown 1878-09-21
4401 Claremont, Surrey, the Residence of the Princess Louise and the Marquis of Lorne Unknown 1871-04-15
4570 Residence of Mr. Ed. Smith [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4572 Residence of Col. Simms, U.S. Consul [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4574 Residence of Mr. J. Cairns [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4575 Residence of Rev. G. Blair [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4576 Residence of Mr. C. Willard [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-06-01
4602 Residence of Hon. Alexander Keith [Street Views in Halifax] Rogers 1872-07-06
4603 Prince Albert Settlement, N.W.T. Reed, Hayter 1879-07-19
17737 Ruins of the Old Beauport Manor, 1634 [Sketches at Beauport, P.Q.] Harrison, S. W. 1882-07-22
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