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Item Number Title Artist Date
1076 Hotel de Ville, Quebec, During the Civic Dispute Carlisle, William Ogle, Act. 1870-1876 1870-05-28
1144 City Hall, Kingston Unknown 1870-07-02
2179 New Town Hall, Owen Sound Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1871-08-12
2986 Arrival of His Lordship at the City Hall [Montreal. The "Noces d'Or" of Bishop Bourget] Jump, Edward, Act. 1871-1873 1872-11-16
3406 Montreal. The New City Hall, Now Being Occupied H. 1878-01-19
3463 The Town Hall [Prescott (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-05-04
4103 City Hall [1] [Views of Guelph, the Royal City] Unknown 1879-05-10
4458 The Town Hall [Arnprior (Ont.) Illustrated] Unknown 1878-11-16
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