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Item Number Title Artist Date
899 Northern View of the Castle of Tyrol, Near Meran Gihring, Carl 1870-01-15
988 The Castle of St. Angelo at Rome Unknown 1870-03-19
1197 Austria. View of the Chateau of Frohsdorf, Residence of the Count de Chambord Unknown 1873-09-20
1764 The Chateau in the Forest Unknown 1875-02-06
1983 Quebec. The New Chateau St. Louis C., P. 1876-01-15
1986 Quebec. Citadel With New Castle of St. Louis Scheuer, W., Act. 1873-1883 1876-01-15
2897 Wilhelmshohe, the Residence of the Emperor Unknown 1870-10-15
3880 Inverary Castle, the Chief Seat of the Duke of Argyll Unknown 1871-04-15
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