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Item Number Title Artist Date
1198 Sketches at the Fair Unknown 1873-09-20
2716 Agricultural Exhibition [Montreal] Unknown 1870-09-24
2912 Canadian Draught Horses [Montreal. The Horticultural and Agricultural Exhibitions] Jump, Edward, Act. 1871-1873 1872-09-21
2930 The Cattle Ring. Judging the Animals [The Provincial Exhibition] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1872-10-05
2938 The Horse Ring at the Provincial Exhibition [Hamilton] Jump, Edward, Act. 1871-1873 1872-10-12
2940 Monument in Soap Exhibited by J. D. Morse & Co. [The Hamilton Exhibition] H. 1872-10-12
4414 Catswolds. The Nurse [Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition] Unknown 1878-10-12
4415 Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition Unknown 1878-10-12
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