Thematic Guide - Louis Riel, the Red River Resistance and the North-West Resistance

This research guide consists of specific archival references and other sources of information which relate to Louis Riel and the Métis uprisings in 1869–70 and 1885.

There are various names to refer to these two series of events. The usage chosen often indicates the loyalties, opinions and biases of the user. These terms include the following:

  • 1885 Rebellion
  • 1885 Resistance
  • Manitoba Rebellion
  • North-West Rebellion
  • North-West Resistance
  • Red River Insurgency
  • Red River Rebellion
  • Red River Resistance
  • Resistance of 1885
  • Riel Rebellions
  • Saskatchewan Rebellion

This guide, while not comprehensive, provides a listing of the more significant and relevant materials available in this subject area.

Note: Documents written at an earlier point in history may use terms such as "Indian," "Half-breed," "rebellion," and "campaign" in ways that may not be acceptable to those being referred to, and which have since been replaced by other terms. Items in the LAC collection, their content and their descriptions reflect the time period when they were created and the view of their creator. For more information, please see the Historical language advisory.


Louis Riel

Section 1 includes records relating to Louis Riel, such as case files, correspondence and records on his mental health and his trial.

Red River Resistance

Section 2 consists of records dealing with the Red River Resistance, such as military orders and instructions and records concerning military personnel.

The North-West Resistance, 1885

Section 3 contains federal government records on the 1885 North-West Resistance, such as letters of the Minister of Militia and War Claims Commission records.

Other sources of information

Section 4 contains other sources of information.

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