Red River Resistance, 1870

Section 2 consists of records dealing with the Red River Resistance, such as military orders and instructions and records concerning military personnel.

Selected Government Records

There are some documents pertaining to the Red River Resistance and the North-West Resistance in the records of the Deputy Minister of Militia and Defence Office and the Adjutant-General's Office.

Department of the Secretary of State of Canada fonds (RG6) (R169-0-4-E)

General Correspondence (1867–1873)(RG6-C–1) (R176-3-6-E)

The subjects include the practical and constitutional adjustments following confederation, the creation of the province of Manitoba, and the Riel Resistance.

General Correspondence (1867–1952) (RG6-C–1) (R174-26-2-E)

Department of Militia and Defence fonds (RG9) (R180-0-5-E)

Military Orders and Instructions

  • Headquarters – Correspondence
    • Military Secretary, Montreal, 1870
      RG9-II-B–1, vol. 6, file 7–1578, docket 444, finding aid 9-22 (R180-68-6-E)
      Includes an extract from a general order to be communicated to all officers of volunteers taking part in the Red River Expedition.
    • Minister of Militia; instruction for guidance of the Principal Medical Officer of Imperial Forces for examination of men for Red River, 1870
      RG9-II-B–1, vol. 6, file 7–1578, docket 455, finding aid 9-22 (R180-68-6-E)
    • Lieutenant-Colonel Jarvis, Commandant at Fort Garry, For an Authority to Engage Suitable Buildings in the Village of Winnipeg for Barracks during the Coming Winter, 1870
      RG9-II-B–1, vol. 6, file 7–1578, docket 1114, finding aid 9-22 (R180-68-6-E)
  • Militia General Orders, 1867–1894
    RG9-II-B-3, vols. 1–14, finding aid 9-24 (R180-70-4-E)
    An index to subjects and units is in vols. 10–12.
  • General Orders, 1871, authorizing the formation of two batteries of garrison artillery: general and regimental Order Book, 1871–1894, School of Gunnery and "A" Battery
    RG9-II-J–1, vol. 21, finding aid 9-28 (R180–115-0-E)
    • Included are orders of the Artillery Brigade, North-West Field Force, 1885–1886
      RG9-II-J–1, vol. 21, finding aid 9-28 (R180–115-0-E)

Various Documents Linked to Army Personnel

Department of Justice fonds (1796-2001) (RG13) (R188-0-3-E)

Records relating to Louis Riel and the North-West Uprising (RG13-F-2) (R188-61–1-E)

Department of the Interior fonds (1632–1936) (RGs 15, 48M 912031 and 92M 90132) (R190-0-3-E)
Selected Private Records
  • John Louis Hubert Neilson fonds (1870–1871)
    MG29-E37 (R7849-0–1-E)
    Neilson served as a surgeon with the 2nd Quebec Battalion of Riflemen. Personal and official correspondence, medical reports, and a journal relating to Wolseley's expedition in Manitoba, 1870–1871.
  • Diary of Adam Wilson Graham (1908)
    MG29-C112, vols. 1-2 (R7543-0-0-E)
    A diary which describes Graham's settlement in Rat Creek, Rupert's Land, the Red River Resistance and his capture by Louis Riel's forces. Although the diary refers to events taking place in 1869–1870, it was drawn up in 1908.
  • Letter to J. McDonald from Robert Hamilton (1870)
    MG29-A20, vol. 1 (R6906-0-6-E)
    Letter dated Cumberland, 3 April 1870, reporting on Louis Riel's Provisional Government at Red River, its prospects, the execution of Thomas Scott and the prospects of the fur trade.

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