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Find out more about other available funding programs and tools that may help your project.

Digitization guides and tools

Digitizing Intangible Cultural Heritage: A How-To Guide
A manual to help museums, archives and independent researchers to digitize their existing collections of intangible heritage-related material.
A Guide for Managers Planning and Implementing Digitization Projects
A guide for museum managers to plan and do digitization projects. Includes information about non-digital images, new photography, exposure, copyright and storage.
Digital Preservation Toolkit
Tools to help museums assess their digital preservation needs, produce digital preservation policies and procedures, and create, choose and start an action plan.
Recommendations on Preservation Files for Use in the Digitization of Analog Audio and Video Recordings and Motion Picture FilmsPDF format 363 KB
Advice on the preservation files that could be adopted when digitizing analog audio recordings, video recordings or motion picture films.
A Primer on Preserving Audio and Video RecordingsPDF format 1.13 MB
Essential and basic information to preserve audio and video recordings to make informed actions that will ensure the sustainability of the content.
The Digitization of Audio Tapes—Technical Bulletin 30
Information and procedures for small- to mid-sized heritage institutions to digitize cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes.
The Digitization of VHS Video Tapes—Technical Bulletin 31
Information and procedures for small- to mid-sized heritage institutions to digitize VHS video tapes.

Other federal funding programs

Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP)
Funding available to help organizations with local documentary heritage projects.
Indigenous Languages Component—Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program
Funding available to help Indigenous organizations preserve and revitalize Indigenous languages.
Indigenous Heritage—Museums Assistance Program
Funding available to help museums with projects to preserve, manage and present Aboriginal cultural heritage.

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