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​​We Are Here: Sharing Stories is an initiative to digitize and describe hundreds of thousands of Indigenous-related collection items in Library and Archives Canada's (LAC) holdings. This content includes textual material, photographs, artwork, maps and publications related to First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation, and comes from private donors, government records and published works. The initiative's goal is to make the content accessible to everyone through LAC's website, social media and other online tools.

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In some cases, complete collections are not digitized. This is for reasons such as copyright or privacy restrictions, cultural access concerns, size of the collection, or fragility of the materials.  

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Table: We Are Here: Sharing Stories digitized content initiative
Title and link to collectionDescription First Nations, Inuit,
Métis Nation
Thomas Wood fondsGuide to the Mi'kmaq language compiled by Thomas Wood. (The guide includes pronunciation and grammatical structure.)First NationsNova Scotia1766
David Laird fondsNotebook and letterbook belonging to the Honourable David Laird, MP, from his time as Minister of the Interior and Superintendent General of Indian Affairs. First NationsOntario, Prince Edward Island1874-1876
George Comer collectionCollection of 15 photographs documenting the activities of Captain George Comer and his crew aboard two whaling schooners (Era and A.T. Gifford), and Inuit he met in and around Hudson Bay.InuitNunavut1889-1912
[Hymns in an Indigenous language]Book of hymns written in an Indigenous language, probably Kanien'kéha (Mohawk), Latin and French.First NationsCanada1600-1699
[Laws and regulations established for the Métis colony of Saint-Laurent]Report on four public meetings held at the winter camp of the Métis of Saint-Laurent from December 1873 to January 1875. Métis NationSaskatchewan1873-1875
Journal kept by William BrownJournal covering the activities at Hudson's Bay Company post Fort Kilmaurs (now Fort Babine) from March to June 1826. First NationsBritish Columbia1826, 1934
[English-Nakoda Dictionary] English equivalents of about 500 words and phrases in the Nakoda language.First NationsAlberta1883-1886
[French–Cree lexicon of terms and expressions] French–Cree lexicon of terms and expressions relating to the fur trade.First NationsQuebec1770-1775
Richard Reece fondsLetter from John Douse to the Reverend Richard Reece detailing his experiences as a Methodist missionary to the Six Nations of the Grand River. Letter includes translations of Christian terms and the Lord's Prayer into Kanien'kéha (Mohawk). First NationsOntario1834-1836
[Cosmogony of Dekanawidah's Government of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy]Copy of a draft of Seth Newhouse's "Cosmogony of De-Ka-na-wi-das' Government of the Iroquois Confederacy," a codification of the origins, laws, principles, and procedures of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. First NationsOntario1885
Salamon Pritchard on the Frog Lake MassacreTranscript of an interview between Salamon Pritchard and RCMP Inspector B.C. Sawyer regarding the Frog Lake Massacre of 1885, and a newspaper clipping about Salamon Pritchard. Métis NationAlberta, Saskatchewan1967
George Catlin collectionCollection of correspondence, sketches, newspaper clippings, and broadsides recording the visit of nine Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) from Walpole Island to England in January 1844. First NationsEngland1844
[Address from the Municipal Council of Orillia to Michael St. Germain and the Chippewas of Rama]Address from the Municipal Council of Orillia to the Chippewas of Rama, particularly Michael St. Germain, in appreciation of their rescue of four drowning persons from Lake Couchiching. First NationsOntario1861
John Andrew Kerr fondsPersonal records of John Andrew Kerr, an associate of Gabriel Dumont, who was one of the constables who arrested Ambroise Lépine on the charge of murdering Thomas Scott. In 1876, Kerr also acted as a guide and witness for the government officials who arranged Treaty 6 at Fort Carlton. First Nations, Métis NationOntario1869-1940
John Rutherfurd fondsCopy of John Rutherfurd's "Narrative of a captivity among the Indians in 1763," written shortly after his escape from his Anishinaabe captors during the early stages of Pontiac's War. First NationsOntario1763-1764
Mohawk indenture of sale to the State of New YorkIndenture for sale of lands south of the Mohawk River to the State of New York. First NationsCanada, United States 1789
George Vardon fondsLetters, including two letters by the Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) on raising funds for the establishment of industrial schools for First Nations communities, and one letter in Kanien'kéha (Mohawk).First NationsOntario, United Kingdom1838-1845
Creekrainian dictionaryCompilation of interlanguage terms used by Indigenous and Eastern European employees working on the railway in Manitoba. The terms in this dictionary are not an accurate representation of Cree or Ukrainian, but reflect these employees' efforts to communicate in written English with railway employers. First NationsManitoba1954-1962
Andrew Paull fondsCorrespondence and memoranda related to the life and work of Squamish leader and activist Andrew Paull.First NationsBritish Columbia1933-1954
[A proclamation forbidding the disorderly trading with Indigenous Peoples in New England]Facsimile of a proclamation by Charles I forbidding unlicensed arms trade with Indigenous nations. First NationsCanada, England1630
[Cayuga First Nation fonds]Treaty between the State of New York and the Cayuga First Nation documenting the sale of land surrounding Cayuga Lake. Includes both the original treaty document and a typed transcript of the original. First NationsCanada, United States (New York)1795-1809
Western Frontier collectionCollection consists of a document titled "The Speech of the French to the Shawanisse at Ohioh," dated May 2, 1732, as well as a letter from Conrad Weiser to Richard Peters dated 1747 concerning Weiser's political activities among the Six Nations (Haudenosaunee). First NationsUnited States (Ohio)1732-1747
Peter McDougall fondsDocuments related to the sale of Crown land near the St. Regis (Akwesasne) Indian reserve, Charlottenburgh Township, Glengarry County.First NationsOntario1817, 1845-1850
[Vocabulary of Innu-aimun]Notebook containing a vocabulary of words in English and Innu-aimun, many of them useful for trading. First NationsQuebec[ca. 1805]
[Address of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation]Address from the Mississaugas of Port Credit (present-day Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation) on the appointment of Lord Durham as Governor. Text and wampum. First NationsOntario[ca.1838]
Alexander and Thomas McKee collectionCollection of letters, speeches and reports written to and by Thomas and Alexander McKee, concerning relations with, and land sales involving, Cherokee chiefs, Shawnee chiefs and Delaware chiefs, to name a few. First NationsOntario, Quebec, United States1793-1809
D.M. Beach Old & Rare Books CollectionTwo photographic albums. The first album consists of images taken during the North American Boundary Commission (1872 to 1875). The second album consists of images taken during a topographic survey for the Canadian Pacific Railroad (1872 to 1873). Includes images of tipis, Red River carts, carioles, toboggans, First Nations and Métis camps, and a suspension bridge created by Wet'suwet'en people.First Nations, Métis NationBritish Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario1872-1875
Six Nations of the Grand River fondsCollection of assorted records relating to the Six Nations lands and claims, including land documents, correspondence, and reports. First NationsOntario1795, 1830-1849, 1923
Reply of Lord Dorchester to the Seven Nations of Lower CanadaAddress from Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester, to a number of First Nations, concerning boundary and claim issues arising after the American War of Independence.First NationsQuebec1794
Elliott Moses fondsCorrespondence, memoranda, scrapbooks, other textual materials, and photographs collected by Elliott Moses from Six Nations of the Grand River. Much of the material is related to Six Nations (Haudenosaunee) and Delaware (Lenape) history. First NationsOntario1846-1976
George Mully fonds – Photographs taken in Canada and the United StatesPhotographs of Inuit and First Nations people from Canada and United States, covering various subjects, including education, business, religion, traditional / contemporary lifestyle, human rights issues, air transportation, and reserves. First Nations, InuitCanada, United States1978-1988
Coolie Verner CollectionCorrespondence, manuscripts, articles, research material, photographs, maps, and more. Digitized maps are "Eskimaux Chart No. 2…1822" (drawn by Iligliuk, depicting the area north of Winter Island and the Hoppner Strait) and "Eskimaux Chart No. 3…1822" (drawn by Ewerat, depicting the Melville Peninsula and a portion of Baffin Island). InuitNunavut1822
Rosemary Gilliat Eaton fonds – Arctic Travel SeriesPhotographs and a diary by Rosemary Gilliat Eaton documenting her trips to the Arctic regions of Canada in 1953, 1955 and 1960.First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationNunavut, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Manitoba1955-1963
Albert Peter Low fondsJournals on Albert Peter Low's prospecting expeditions on the eastern coast of Hudson's Bay (1901 to 1902), a notebook on Inuktut grammar and sentence structure, royal proclamations, and three prints. Inuit Nunavut, Quebec1901-1907
Fort Selkirk fondsThree journals of occurrences from the Hudson's Bay post, Fort Selkirk (1847 to 1852), and one journal of occurrences from Frances Lake (1850 to 1851).First Nations Yukon 1847-1852
Otto Julius Klotz FondsDiaries kept by Otto Klotz throughout his life and work as a surveyor, including his work in British Columbia and Yukon and his work on the Alaska boundary issue. Contains also a few watercolours of First Nations individuals.First NationsCanada1866-1923
Alika Podolinsky-Webber fonds - Montagnais-Naskapi (Innu) Anthropological ResearchRecords of Alika Podolinsky Webber's research on the Innu, including manuscripts of her PhD thesis and a book; the papers of Richard White, a trader who gathered examples of Innu material culture; and photographs by Judy-Pauline Hunter of Innu and Inuit in Voisey's Bay and Kauk. First Nations, InuitNewfoundland and Labrador1900-1950
Commission of inquiry into the Red River DisturbancesCorrespondence, petitions, affidavits, reports and returns accumulated by William B. Coltman and John Fletcher in the course of their investigation of the affairs of Lord Selkirk's colony and the Red River disturbances. First Nations, Métis NationAlberta, Manitoba, Ontario1815-1821
Red River Settlement collectionTranscripts of records submitted at the Montreal courthouse as evidence in trials of persons accused of offenses committed in the North West; correspondence exchanged by Donald McKenzie and Wilson Price Hunt; and a copy of the report "A General statement and report relative to the disturbances in the Indian territories of British North America," by W.B. Coltman.Métis NationSaskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec1814-1830
George Back's Sketchbook 1819 to 1821Sketchbook of maps and drawings kept by officer George Back, a member of John Franklin's overland expedition up the Coppermine River to reach the Arctic Sea.First Nations, Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories1819-1821
George Back's Sketchbook 1821 to 1822Sketchbook of maps and drawings kept by officer George Back, a member of John Franklin's overland expedition up the Coppermine River to reach the Arctic Sea.First Nations, InuitNorthwest Territories, Nunavut1821-1822
Views of the Pacific Coast from Fort Simpson to Crillon GlacierPhotographic album containing images of communities, landscapes, and glaciers of northern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. First NationsBritish Columbia, United States (Alaska)1894
Peel's River House fondsJournals of occurrences at the Hudson's Bay Company fort at Peel's River in the Northwest Territories, also known as Fort McPherson. Contents include records of trading activities and relationships with Indigenous peoples.First Nations, InuitNorthwest Territories1847-1853
Miscellaneous Canadian maps relating to the career of Robert Bell, geologist with the Geological Survey of CanadaSeventy-five miscellaneous Canadian maps depicting various parts of Canada, including parts of the traditional territories of First Nations and the Métis Nation, two geological profiles, and two prints. Also includes a Hudson's Bay Company Account Book created by Chief Sahquakegick (Louis Espagnol) of Eshkemanetigon First Nation (Spanish River Band). First Nations, Métis NationCanada1848-1908
Ryan Swain Family fonds—PhotographsA selection of the photographs taken by Marion "Mickey" Swain during his work of creating transportation routes in the fur trade era, and by Anne Swain, who worked as a teacher in various Indian Residential Schools located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories in the 1920s and the 1930s.First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationAlberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Northwest Territories1916-1933
William Van Horne Fonds – Photographs, illustrations and graphic materialA selection of photographs documenting the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which was built through Indigenous territories in western Canada. These images show First Nations and Métis peoples as they lived prior to the culmination of colonization.First Nations, Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador1884-1896
Journal of dailey occurances [sic], Masquaro, Coast of LabradorFort journal that records various occurrences, including seasonal activities of the Innu (sometimes also called Montagnais).First NationsQuebec1842-1846
Sir Henry Wentworth Acland fondsWatercolours and sketches made by the physician Sir Henry Acland while on tour in North America with the Prince of Wales in 1860.First NationsNova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario1860-1872
Charles Gimpel fondsPhotographs taken by Charles Gimpel during a series of trips to the Canadian Arctic from 1958 to 1968. Also includes textual records, such as his notebooks with travel and photography logs, correspondence, writings, Inuit art exhibition material, and newspaper clippings on Inuit art.Inuit Nunavut, Quebec, Manitoba 1953-1993
North West Company fondsLetterbook and minute book from the North West Company, and agreement binding members of the North West Company to a prior agreement with the American Fur CompanyFirst NationsCanada 1798-1811
[The map shows the eastern parts of present-day Canada and U.S.A.] Copy of part of a map made by Pierre Desceliers in 1550, showing Mi'kmaq, Wolastoq, and Inuit territories mapped by Jacques Cartier. First NationsCanada1550
[A map of Nova Scotia, showing the Mi'kmaq names of various places and other items of interest]Shows First Nations reserves in Nova Scotia, the Mi'kmaq population in Nova Scotia, Mi'kmawi'simk place names, and areas of interest, such as Mi'kmaq campsites, shell-heaps, and burial grounds. First NationsNova Scotia1965
[Some Mi'kmaq Names of Places and Things in Nova Scotia]Depicts part of Mi'kma'ki, the traditional territory of the Mi'kmaq people. Includes place names and Mi'kmawi'simk vocabulary.First NationsNova Scotia1975
Algonquin Nation collectionConsists of documentation relating to the appointment of Algonquin Chiefs Kiconse and Constant Penency, as well as a hymn book written in Omàmiwininìmowin (Algonquin).First NationsQuebec1830 - [ca. 1850]
Deed of surrender of a tract of land in Albany County to the Crown of Great BritainDeed of surrender for a tract of land in the province of New York (present-day New York State) to the Crown of Great Britain. The deed was signed by three Seneca Sachems (Supreme Chiefs) identified as Dekoschten (also known as Tenehokaiwee), Twessa (or Tewassajes), and Staichreseh (or Staghreche). First NationsNew York State, United States1740-1741
Judith Eglington fondsCollection of photographs taken by Judith Eglington of Inuit artists at the West Baffin Cooperative in Cape Dorset, Northwest Territories (known today as Kinngait, Nunavut), including Kenojuak Ashevak, Pitseolak Ashoona, and Pudlo Pudlat, among many others. InuitNunavut1980-1981
John Boyd fondsSelection of photographs taken by John Boyd depicting Michi Saagiig Nishnaabe men and women harvesting wild rice (manoomin) at Rice Lake (Pimadashkodeyong), Ontario.First NationsOntario1921-1922
Pamela Harris collectionSelection of photographs taken by Pamela Harris documenting the Inuit community of Spence Bay, Northwest Territories (known today as Taloyoak, Nunavut). InuitNunavut1972-1973
St Regis Agency LetterbooksThirteen outgoing letterbooks for Glengarry and Dundee Townships created and/or maintained by the St. Regis Agency, near Cornwall, Ontario. The St. Regis Agency was an agency of the Department of Indian Affairs, and was responsible for the portion of the lands of the Mohawks of Akwesasne [previously known as the Iroquois of St. Regis] in Ontario and Quebec.First Nations Ontario, Quebec 1812-1965
Lake Simcoe Agency – Letterbook – 9 January 1884 – 21 September 1892Letterbook containing copies of outgoing correspondence from the Lake Simcoe Agency dated 1884 to 1892. The Agency administered matters affecting the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation. First NationsOntario1884-1892
Indian agencies and reserves in British ColumbiaSixty-three maps of Indian agencies and reserves throughout the province of British Columbia. Most of the maps were produced either for the McKenna-McBride Royal Commission on Indian lands and affairs in 1916 or by the Legal Surveys and Aeronautical Division, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, in 1951. First NationsBritish Columbia1880-1957
Cowichan Agency – CorrespondenceMiscellaneous correspondence created and/or maintained by the Cowichan Agency, including Chemanius Band correspondence (1934 to 1946), Nanaimo Band correspondence (1921 to 1945), and miscellaneous correspondence (1921 to 1945). Six files are digitized. First NationsBritish Columbia1910-1948
Cowichan Agency – Court CasesBound volume containing court cases brought against, or pertaining to, First Nations in British Columbia.First NationsBritish Columbia1885-1889
Letters of fire spotter Edward MassonTwo letters written in Cree syllabics (with English translation) from Edward Masson (Mason) of Island Lake, Manitoba, to the Chief Fire Ranger at Norway House, Manitoba.First NationsManitoba1919
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (RG22) - Technical Services Branch

Volumes 764 to 780 contain press release drafts related to events, exhibitions, and programs promoted by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs from 1963 to 1971.

Additionally, volumes 1124 to 1176 include files related to housing programs and housing conditions on reserves, environmental assessments of reserves, reports on community population statistics, and government correspondence, reports and technical drawings regarding community planning of reserves, including for the relocation of some communities, from 1965 to 1975.

First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationCanada1963-1975
[Athabaska Forest Reserve, Alberta - Attempted Removal of Evan Moberly and Family and other Métis Families at Grande Cache, Alberta]Correspondence relating to the attempted relocation of several Métis families at Grande Cache, Alberta, from 1915 to 1922. The families had already been evicted once, from their former settlement in what became Jasper National Park.Métis NationAlberta1915-1922
Plan of river lots in the parishes of St. Norbert and St. Vital, Province of ManitobaPlan depicting numbered Métis river lots in the parishes of St. Norbert and St. Vital in today's Winnipeg, with names of lot owners.Métis NationManitoba1875
Map of St. Paul des Métis District Province of AlbertaMap depicting the larger district of St. Paul des Métis, in central and eastern Alberta.Métis NationAlberta1922
Plan of St. Albert Settlement, Province of AlbertaPlan depicting numbered Métis river lots in the town of St. Albert, northwest of Edmonton. Métis NationAlberta1913
Indian Claims Commission fondsMaterial from the Indian Claims Commission, active from 1969 to 1977. Contains files on claims, research files, unpublished research studies, correspondence, speeches and related material. First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationCanada1914, 1947-1978
Test rolls, Oath of Allegiance of Members of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada, Third ParliamentTest roll signed by Louis Riel in 1874 at the House of Commons in Ottawa, after being elected to Parliament in the riding of Provencher, Manitoba.Métis NationOntario1874-1878
Ledgers of Chiefs in CanadaTwo bound ledgers completed by Indian agents, both titled "Book Containing Names of Chiefs and Minor Chiefs in Canada."First NationsCanada1894-1895
Indian Reserve Commission - Journal of ProceedingsSecond volume of the Journal of Proceedings. The journal records the commissioners' visits to First Nations communities in British Columbia to discuss the establishment of reserves. First NationsBritish Columbia1877
Canadian Eskimo Arts CouncilRecords of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council pertaining to all aspects of Inuit art in Canada, including production, distribution, marketing, reproduction, exhibition and history.InuitNunavut, Northwest Territories, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador1953-1989
Census recordsCensus records created and maintained by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Occasionally includes agent or agency notes, accounting records, and related correspondence.First Nations Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia 1830-1964
Various land sale account recordsMiscellaneous land sale account records.First NationsCanada1830-1949, 1970
Department of the Interior (RG15) – Métis FilesVarious subject files created by the Dominion Lands Branch and dealing with Métis land claims, including correspondence, applications for scrip, powers of attorney and certificates for scrip.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1885-1887
Department of the Interior (RG15) – Land scrip to MétisCancelled land scrip notes issued to Métis residents of the North-West Territories by the Department of the Interior.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1885-1917
Department of the Interior (RG15) – Receipts for scripReceipts issued to the Minister of the Interior by Métis recipients when the delivery of scrip was made.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1885-1906
Department of the Interior (RG15) – North-West Rebellion military bounty land warrants and money scripRecords relating to the land warrants and money scrip issued to all members of the militia who were engaged in suppressing the North-West Resistance of 1885.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1885-1913
Department of the Interior (RG15) – Powers of AttorneyPowers of attorney made by Métis claimants in the process of obtaining Land Patents.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1876-1930
Letterbook of Charles A. CookeLetterbook containing, primarily, outgoing correspondence of Charles A. Cooke Thawennensere. Included are copies of letters relating to the publication of Onkweonwe, a newspaper in Kanien'kéha (Mohawk), and three letters by Indian Agent P.J. Williams, Battleford Agency, 1896.First NationsOntario, Saskatchewan 1896, 1900-1901
Original proclamation for National Aboriginal DayThe original 1996 proclamation declaring June 21, to be National Aboriginal Day.First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationCanada1996
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (RG10) – Headquarters central registry system – First SeriesTwo files relating to First Nations soldiers who participated in the First World War, including enlistments and war activities, correspondence, and lists of soldiers who returned.First NationsCanada1918-1920
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples – Information and Communication (photographic material)Photographic materials associated with the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP), mostly depicting scenes of hearings held in many cities and communities across the country.First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationCanada1991-1993
Copyright Office Visual MaterialA photographic collage of Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg (Mississauga Ojibwe) harvesting and processing wild rice (manomin) at Rice Lake (Pimadashkodeyong), Ontario.First NationsOntario 1908
Department of the Interior (RG15) – Money scrip to MétisCancelled money scrip notes issued to Métis residents by the Department of the Interior.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta 1876-1927
Department of the Interior (RG15) – Manitoba Act FilesFiles pertaining mainly to land settlements awarded to Métis and Original White Settlers under section 32 of the Manitoba Act, including correspondence with the Department of Interior, applications or claims for letters patent under the Manitoba Act, and land assignments.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1873-1881
Department of the Interior (RG15) – North-West Territories Métis scrip applicationsApplications for scrip made from 1886 to 1906 by Métis living in the North-West Territories and received by one of the Northwest Half-Breeds Claims commissions. The applications give the name of the applicant, his/her residence, place and date of birth, names of parents and origins, if married, etc.Métis NationManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta1885-1906
Final report of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against WomenThe report of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, "Changing the Landscape: Ending Violence -- Achieving Equality," English edition, provides comprehensive documentation of the Canadian context and recommendations for government and private-sector action.First Nations, Inuit, Métis NationCanada1993
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