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# - Websites begining with the letter #

  1. 100 Stories: Canadians who served in the First World War

A - Websites begining with the letter A

  1. A Real Companion and Friend: The Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King (Archived)
  2. A Tale From the Map Vault (Archived)
  3. Aboriginal Documentary Heritage (Archived)
  4. Aboriginal Peoples: Guide to the Records of the Government of Canada (Archived)
  5. Aboriginal Sound Recordings: Music and Song (Archived)
  6. Abortion
  7. Activism - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  8. Acts of Divorce, 1841-1968
  9. Anglo-American Cataloguing Rule Interpretations (Archived)
  10. Annual Reports
  11. Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada
  12. Arts - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  13. ArtVenture: A Collector's Challenge (Archived)
  14. Audits and Evaluations - About Us (Archived)
  15. Avro Arrow (CF-105)

B - Websites begining with the letter B

  1. Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective
  2. Bands and Agencies
  3. Battle of Passchendaele: Resources at Library and Archives Canada
  4. Battle of Vimy Ridge: Resources at Library and Archives Canada
  5. Bell Features
  6. Beyond the Funnies: The History of Comics in English Canada and Quebec (Archived)
  7. Births, Marriages and Deaths Recorded in Canada
  8. Black History in Canada
  9. Black Loyalist Refugees, 1782-1807- Port Roseway Associates
  10. Blog of Library and Archives Canada
  11. Bon appétit! A Celebration of Canadian Cookbooks
  12. Bonspiel! The History of Curling in Canada
  13. Book Trade - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  14. Border Entries (Digitized Microforms)
  15. Border Entry, 1908-1918 (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  16. Border Entry, 1925-1935 (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  17. Border Entry, Form 30, 1919-1924 (Digitized Microforms)
  18. British military and naval records (RG 8, C Series) - Digitized documents (Digitized Microforms)
  19. British military and naval records (RG 8, C Series) - Introduction and index (Digitized Microforms)
  20. Building a Just Society : A Retrospective of Canadian Rights and Freedoms

C - Websites begining with the letter C

  1. Cabinet Conclusions
  2. Call to Duty: Canada's Nursing Sisters
  3. Canada and the First World War
  4. Canada Gazette: A Nation's Chronicle (Archived)
  5. Canada Gazette: A Nation's Chronicle (Database) (Archived)
  6. Canada: A Literary Tour (Archived)
  7. Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown (database) (Archived)
  8. Canada's UFOs: The search for the unknown
  9. Canadian Confederation
  10. Canadian Confederation - Political Cartoons (Archived)
  11. Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
  12. Canadian Directories Collection
  13. Canadian Feature Film Database
  14. Canadian Government Expositions Centre
  15. Canadian Historical Association Booklets
  16. Canadian Illustrated News: Images in the News, 1869-1883
  17. Canadian Immigration Since Confederation and the Department of External Affairs
  18. Canadian Mail Order Catalogues
  19. Canadian Music Periodical Index
  20. Canadian Olympians
  21. Canadian Patents, 1869-1919
  22. Canadian Poetry Archive (Archived)
  23. Canadian Poetry Audio Archives
  24. Canadian Post Office Publications
  25. Canadian Postal Archives (Archived)
  26. Canadian Settlement - The Kids' Site (Archived)
  27. Canadian State: Documents and Dialogue (Archived)
  28. Canadian West (Archived)
  29. Canadiana Authorities
  30. Carleton Papers – Book of Negroes
  31. Carleton Papers – Loyalists and British Soldiers
  32. Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  33. Census Returns on Microfilm, 1770-1856
  34. Census of Lower Canada, 1825
  35. Census of Lower Canada, 1831
  36. Census of 1842, Canada East
  37. Census of 1842, Canada West
  38. Census of 1851 (Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)
  39. Census of 1861
  40. Census of 1870, Manitoba
  41. Census of Canada, 1871
  42. Census of 1871 (Ontario)
  43. Census of Canada, 1881
  44. Census of Canada, 1891
  45. Census of Canada, 1901
  46. Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906
  47. Census of Canada, 1911
  48. Census of the Prairie Provinces, 1916
  49. Census of 1921
  50. Census of Canada, 1871 (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  51. Census of the Prairie Provinces, 1926
  52. Children's Literature Service (Archived)
  53. Circumstances of Death Registers, First World War (Digitized Microforms)
  54. Citizenship and Naturalization Records
  55. Citizenship Registration Records, 1851-1945 - Montreal Circuit Court
  56. Codex canadensis (Archived)
  57. Commonwealth War Graves Registers, First World War (Digitized Microforms)
  58. Confederation for Kids (Archived)
  59. Cool Canada (Archived)
  60. Courts-martial of the First World War

D - Websites begining with the letter D

  1. Deportation from Canada, 1893-1977
  2. Detecting the Truth: Fakes, Forgeries and Trickery (Archived)
  3. Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King
  4. DigiLab: Call for projects
  5. Directory of Library Symbols in Canada
  6. Directory of Special Collections of Research Value in Canadian Libraries (Archived)
  7. Disc-O-Logue
  8. Donations: Gifts of archives and published materials

E - Websites begining with the letter E

  1. Early Canadiana Online
  2. Early Chinese Canadians, 1858 to 1947
  3. Early Meteorology Records
  4. E-book: "Lingua Franca: A Common Language for Conservators of Photographic Materials"
  5. Educational Resources for teachers (Archived)
  6. Electoral Atlas of the Dominion of Canada (1895) (Archived)
  7. Electronic Collection: A Virtual Collection of Monographs and Periodicals (Archived)
  8. Employment - Genealogy and Family History
  9. Expo '67: A Virtual Experience (Archived)

F - Websites begining with the letter F

  1. Faces of the Second World War
  2. Famous Canadian Physicians (Archived)
  3. Federal Publication Locator (Archived)
  4. Federal-Provincial Conferences
  5. File and Item Descriptions for Aboriginal Heritage
  6. File History Cards, 1872-1984
  7. Film - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  8. Film, Video and Sound
  9. First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics: - Children's site (Archived)
  10. First Nations
  11. First World War Centenary: Honouring Canada’s Victoria Cross Recipients
  12. Framing Canada: A Photographic Memory (Archived)
  13. French-Canadian Newspapers: An Essential Historical Source (1808-1919) (Archived)
  14. French-Canadian Newspapers: An Essential Historical Source (1808-1919) (Database)
  15. From Colony to Country: A Reader's Guide to Canadian Military History (Archived)

G - Websites begining with the letter G

  1. Gaspé Land Commission — names of claimants, 1819-1825
  2. Genealogy and Family History
  3. General Index - card catalogue (Archives)
  4. Glenn Gould Archive (Archived)
  5. Government - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  6. Government of Canada Web Archive
  7. Gratien Gélinas (Archived)
  8. Grosse-Île Quarantine Station (Québec)
  9. Guide to Sending Organizations and Receiving Homes (Home Children)
  10. Guide to Sources Relating to Canadian Naval Vessels
  11. Guide to Sources Relating to the Canadian Militia
  12. Guide to Sources Relating to Units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

H - Websites begining with the letter H

  1. Halifax Explosion
  2. Heir and Devisee Commission (Digitized Microforms)
  3. History of the Book in Canada (Archived)
  4. Holocaust-related holdings at Library and Archives Canada
  5. Home Children – Boards of Guardians
  6. Home Children Records
  7. Home Children, 1869-1932
  8. The Home Front (1914-1918)

I - Websites begining with the letter I

  1. I Do: Love and Marriage in 19th Century Canada (Archived)
  2. Images Canada (Archived)
  3. Immigrant Diaries and Guides - Moving Here, Staying Here. The Canadian Immigrant Experience (Archived)
  4. Immigrants at Grosse Île Quarantine Station, 1832-1937
  5. Immigrants before 1865
  6. Immigrants from China
  7. Immigrants from the Russian Empire, 1898-1922
  8. Immigrants Sponsored by the Montreal Emigrant Society, 1832
  9. Immigrants to Canada, Porters and Domestics, 1899-1949
  10. Immigration Documents
  11. Immigration Instructions: A Chart of Circulars, Directives and Operations Memoranda, 1909-1978
  12. Immigration of Farm Labourers to Canada, 1918-1945
  13. Immigration Records, Most Frequently Used
  14. In Quarantine: Life and Death on Grosse Île, 1832-1937 (Archived)
  15. Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica 1981 Exhibition Catalogue (Archived)
  16. Index to Federal Royal Commissions
  17. Indian Affairs Annual Reports, 1864-1990
  18. Indian Affairs Record Group 10 (RG10) Inventory
  19. Indian Reserves - Western Canada
  20. Indigenous heritage
  21. International Joint Commission
  22. Internment Camps in Canada During the First and Second World Wars
  23. Inuit

J - Websites begining with the letter J

  1. Jacob M. Lowy Collection

K - Websites begining with the letter K

  1. Kids' Site of Canadian Trains (Archived)

L - Websites begining with the letter L

  1. LAC Forum on Canadian Democracy (Archived)
  2. Land Grants to Veterans
  3. Land Petitions of Lower Canada (1764-1841)
  4. Laurier House (Archived)
  5. Learning Centre (Archived)
  6. Lest We Forget: Cenotaph Research
  7. Life of a Rock Star (Archived)
  8. List of Pre-Confederation Official Publications, 1534-1866
  9. Literary Archives: A Guide to the Literary Fonds at Library and Archives Canada
  10. Lord Elgin
  11. Louis Riel, the Red River Resistance and the North West Resistance
  12. Loyalists
  13. Loyalists in the Maritimes — Ward Chipman Muster Master's Office, 1777–1785

M - Websites begining with the letter M

  1. Made in Canada. Patents of Invention and the Story of Canadian Innovation (Archived)
  2. Maps, Charts and Architectural Plans Collection: A Search Guide
  3. Marriage Bonds, 1779-1858 - Upper and Lower Canada
  4. Mary Riter Hamilton: Traces of War
  5. Mass-Digitized Archives (Digitized Microforms)
  6. Marshall McLuhan
  7. Merrilees Transportation Collection - Canada, by Train (Database)
  8. Métis
  9. Métis Genealogy
  10. Métis Scrip Records
  11. Military Heritage
  12. Military Medals, Honours and Awards, 1812–1969
  13. Paul-Émile Miot photographs
  14. Canada's UFOs: The search for the unknown
  15. Moving Here, Staying Here. The Canadian Immigrant Experience (Archived)
  16. Multicultural Resources and Services (Archived)
  17. Music Archives at the National Library of Canada: A Guide (1994, 2003) (Archived)

N - Websites begining with the letter N

  1. Native Residential Schools in Canada: A Selective Bibliography (Archived)
  2. Naturalization Records, 1828-1850 - Upper Canada and Canada West
  3. Naturalization Records, 1915-1951
  4. New France Archives
  5. New France New Horizons: On French Soil in America
  6. Newspaper Collection
  7. North West Mounted Police (NWMP) - Personnel Records, 1873-1904
  8. Nurses (First World War)
  9. Nursing Sisters - Call to Duty: Canada's Nursing Sisters

O - Websites begining with the letter O

  1. Ocean Arrivals, Form 30A, 1919-1924 (Digitized Microforms)
  2. Old Messengers, New Media: The Legacy of Innis and McLuhan (Archived)
  3. OnThisDay (Canada 150)
  4. Open Data from LAC
  5. Open Data Portal
  6. Oral Histories of the First World War: Veterans 1914-1918 (Archived)
  7. Orders-in-Council
  8. Organized Crime in Canada After 1945 and Immigration Records

P - Websites begining with the letter P

  1. Paris Office Card Index
  2. Passenger Lists
  3. Passenger Lists and Border Entries, 1925-1935 - Nominal Indexes
  4. Passenger Lists for the Port of Quebec City and Other Ports, 1865-1922
  5. Passenger Lists, 1865-1922
  6. Passenger Lists: Eastern U.S. Ports (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  7. Passenger Lists: Halifax (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  8. Passenger Lists: Montreal (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  9. Passenger Lists: New York (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  10. Passenger Lists: North Sydney (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  11. Passenger Lists: Quebec City (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  12. Passenger Lists: Saint John (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  13. Passenger Lists: Vancouver and Victoria (1925-1935) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  14. Passports
  15. Pathfinders and Passageways: The Exploration of Canada
  16. Personnel Records of the First World War
  17. Peter Winkworth Collection: A Collector's Passion (Archived)
  18. Photographs, War Records Office
  19. PIKA: Canadian Children's Literature Database (Archived)
  20. Post Offices and Postmasters
  21. Postal Heritage and Philately
  22. Posters and Broadsides (Archived)
  23. The Prime Ministers of Canada (Archived)
  24. Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982
  25. Project Naming
  26. Public Opinion Research Reports

R - Websites begining with the letter R

  1. Railway Employees (Employees Provident Fund)
  2. Rare Book Collection
  3. Rare Book Illustrations, Before 1800
  4. Read Up On It (Archived)
  5. Records of the Department of Public Works (RG 11)
  6. Records on the Immigration of Domestics
  7. Reference Services: Internet Resources
  8. Remembrance Day: An Essential Resource Guide for Media
  9. Residential School Records Resources
  10. Resources for Researchers
  11. Rideau Canal
  12. Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
  13. Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters & Sciences 1949-1951 (Archived)
  14. RPM

S - Websites begining with the letter S

  1. School Files Series - 1879-1953 (RG10) (Digitized Microforms)
  2. Service Files of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1910-1941 - Ledger Sheets
  3. Service Files of the Second World War - War Dead, 1939-1947
  4. Shamrock and the Maple Leaf: Irish-Canadian Documentary Heritage at LAC (Archived)
  5. Sheet Music Collection
  6. Ship - Empress of Ireland - Thematic Guides
  7. Ship Registrations, 1787-1966
  8. Shipwreck Investigations (Archived)
  9. Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada’s Patriot Statesman (Database)
  10. Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada's Patriot Statesman (Archived)
  11. Sir John Thompson fonds - Diary and other material (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  12. Sir John Thompson fonds - Letterbooks (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  13. Sir John Thompson fonds - Letters received (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  14. SOS! Canadian Disasters (Archived)
  15. South African War - Thematic Guides
  16. South African War, 1899-1902 - Service Files, Medals and Land Applications
  17. Spanish Flu Epidemic - Thematic Guides
  18. Special Editions of Canadian Newspapers (Archived)
  19. Sport - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  20. Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill (Archived)

T - Websites begining with the letter T

  1. Tales from the Vault! Canadian Pulp Fiction 1940-1952 (Archived)
  2. TD Summer Reading Club
  3. The History of Women’s Vote
  4. The War of 1812 at Library and Archives
  5. Theatre, Dance, and Music - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  6. Theses Canada Portal
  7. Through a Lens: Dieppe in Photography and Film (Archived)
  8. Trans-Canada Highway
  9. Treaties, Surrenders and Agreements
  10. Treaty 8 (Archived)

U - Websites begining with the letter U

  1. Ukrainian Immigrants, 1891-1930
  2. Under a Northern Star
  3. Unidentified Flying Objects (thematic guide)
  4. Unusual collections
  5. Upper Canada Land Board (1765-1804)
  6. Upper Canada Land Books (Digitized Microforms)
  7. Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
  8. Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865) (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  9. Upper Canada Sundries (Digitized Microforms)

V - Websites begining with the letter V

  1. Veterans Death Cards: First World War (Digitized Microforms)
  2. Victory Bonding: Wartime Messages from Canada's Government, 1939-1945 (Archived)
  3. Virtual Gramophone: Canadian Historical Sound Recordings
  4. Virtual Vault (Archived)
  5. Virtual Vault: The "Four Indian Kings" (Archived)
  6. Vital Statistics: Births, Marriages and Deaths

W - Websites begining with the letter W

  1. War Diaries of the First World War
  2. War Graves
  3. War of 1812
  4. War of 1812: Board of Claims for Losses, 1813-1848, RG 19 E5A (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  5. War of 1812: Lower Canada Nominal Rolls and Paylists, RG 9 1A7 (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  6. War of 1812: Miscellaneous Records (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  7. War of 1812: Upper Canada Returns, Nominal Rolls and Paylists, RG 9 1B7 (Archived) (Digitized Microforms)
  8. Western Land Grants (1870-1930)
  9. Writing - Celebrating Women's Achievements (Archived)
  10. Written in Stone: William E. Logan and the Geological Survey of Canada (Archived)

Y - Websites begining with the letter Y

  1. Yousuf Karsh: A Selective Bibliography
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