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[[value_NamePart]] : Marlatt, Daphne,

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    The poem "houseless" by Daphne Marlatt.

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    Date :
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    LMS-0119, R11776-1-8-E.
    Documents textuels. [Conditions d'accès Ouvert]. Privé. Pièce.
    The poem "houseless" by Daphne Marlatt. This item is a poem written by Daphne Marlatt. Credit: Daphne Marlatt / Library and Archives Canada / e010757068 1 
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    Archives / Collections et Fonds
  2. 2

    Daphne Marlatt fonds [multiple media].

    Date :
    Référence :
    LMS-0119, R11776-0-6-E.
    Documents photographiques, Documents sonores, Cartes et documents cartographiques, Documents textuels. [Conditions d'accès Restreint]. Privé. Fonds / Collection.
    Daphne Marlatt fonds [multiple media]. The photographs part of LMS-0119 1985- 08 volume 30 have been reboxes into volume 39 R112 All three accessions for 
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    Archives / Collections et Fonds
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