Three-year plan 2019-2022 - Indicators

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Engaged citizens. Acessible holdings

Goal: We will increase access to our collection and expand opportunities for the public to enhance LAC's holdings.

Blank cells = not applicable

Engaged citizens. Acessible holdings
StrategyMid-Year and Annual Reporting Annual Reporting

1. We will increase and enhance interactive opportunities for individuals, organizations, and communities of all types and locations to contribute information about our library and archival collections

1.1 Number of records enhanced by user contributions in the Co-Lab crowdsourcing tool

1.2 Number of images digitized via DigiLab

2. We will make LAC collections better known through outreach, promotion and public programming

2.1 Number of participants that attended exhibitions and events delivered by LAC or in collaboration with other organizations

2.2 Extent to which public programming include a variety of activities that promote cultural diversity and indigenous history

3. We will increase access to LAC collections (Government of Canada’s records, published heritage, private archives and web resources) and services, both digitally and in physical locations across Canada and through increased and improved public services, exhibits, and events

3.1. Number of service transactions at LAC’s national service points in Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver, through all service channels

3.2. Number of visitors to the LAC website

3.3. Number of LAC holdings digitized

4. We will continually improve our outreach and services by capturing and using feedback from current and potential clients and partners

4.1 Level of client satisfaction for web and in-person services

4.2 Level of satisfaction with events from participants and partners

Adaptable organization. Sustainable collection

Goal: We will steward responsible growth of the collection and implement safeguards to preserve it for future generations.

Blank cells = not applicable

Adaptable organization. Sustainable collection
StrategyMid-Year and Annual Reporting Annual Reporting

1. We will design our acquisition strategies in a way that ensures our collection captures an accurate record of the Government of Canada and also reflects the diversity of Canadian experience

1.1 Percentage of federal institutions transferring their records annually

1.2 Percentage of active publishers transferring publications annually

2. We will expand our relationships with the Government of Canada’s Information Management community to ensure dynamic transfer of historical digital content to LAC and its long-term preservation and access

2.1 Extent to which LAC with GC partners has successfully developed and implemented a tool to enable the transfer of digital government records

3. We will embrace emerging technologies to accelerate our digital transformation, increase efficiency, enhance citizen access, and improve the sustainability of our collections

3.1 Extent to which a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) is implemented for the acquisition and preservation of digital publications and digital government records

3.2 Extent to which a new archival information system is implemented

4. We will cultivate a culture that thrives on change. We will embrace the transition to our new facilities, capitalizing on this unique opportunity to enhance services and public access, and realize improvements in collection management

4.1 Status update on the transition and renewal of LAC’s services supporting the move to the LAC-OPL joint facility

4.2 Status update on the preparation and move of LAC’s collection to the new preservation facility and other supporting collection moves

5. We will support and encourage excellence by providing our employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge, skills, and expertise through internal and external collaboration and engagement

5.1 Extent to which LAC supports employee professional development

Collaborative efforts. Magnified results

Goal: We will seek out and support collective solutions for a more cohesive and impactful documentary heritage community at home and abroad.

Blank cells = not applicable

Collaborative efforts. Magnified results
StrategyMid-Year and Annual Reporting Annual Reporting

1. We will pursue greater coordination with our federal partners and those within the GLAM community to avoid duplication of effort and pool our collective knowledge to improve tools and products and provide increased access to heritage material of the highest quality

1.1 Extent to which LAC collaborates with its partners to increase access to heritage material

2. We will seek out and identify new collaborators while continuing to work with established partners to build better national and international networks for sharing and access, expanding our reach and impact here at home and increasing Canada’s presence on the world stage

2.1 Number of Canadian representatives elected to international committees (ICA, IFLA, IIPC and RFN)

2.2 Nationwide reach of the Documentary Heritage Communities Program

3. We will collaborate closely with Indigenous communities to better understand and preserve Indigenous heritage, and will implement the actions identified in the Indigenous Heritage Action Plan developed in collaboration with LAC’s Indigenous Advisory Circle

3.1 Status update on the implementation of LAC’s Indigenous Heritage Action Plan

4. We will continue to nurture and expand LAC's relationships with academic, cultural, and memory institutions, to create opportunities for learning, knowledge-sharing, and skills development.

4.1 Number of engagements between LAC and external academic, cultural, and memory institutions, including staff learning exchanges, meetings with external members(e.g. Stakeholders’ Forum), and events with partners

Note: The publication of performance reports for these indicators, originally scheduled on a quarterly basis, is now done on a semi-annual basis.

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