2019-2022 Three-Year Plan: Mid-Year Report 2019-2020

Refer to the Three-year plan 2019-2022 for a full explanation of LAC's commitments.

1st year, mid-year

Eight indicators are reported mid-year, while 22  indicators are reported annually.

1. Engaged citizens. Accessible holdings

LAC’s goal is to improve access to its collections and increase opportunities for the public to enhance its holdings.

Three indicators are reported annually and will be published after the fourth quarter (Q4).

1.1 Number of user contributions in the Co-Lab crowdsourcing tool

Target: 1,500

Q2: 94
Q1: 330
Total: 424

94 records were enhanced by user contributions during the second quarter, bringing the total close to 425 records enhanced this year.

The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 was the only challenge created in Co-Lab during the second quarter. Transcription of text from images was the most popular contribution in the categories of enhancements (transcription, translation, tagging, description).

1.2 Number of images digitized via DigiLab

Target: 30,000

Q2: 3,094
Q1: 8,033
Total: 11,127

3,094 images were digitized during the second quarter.

The numbers are lower for the second quarter because the demand for the DigiLab is generally lower during the summer.

2.1 Number of participants that attended exhibitions and events delivered by LAC or in collaboration with other organizations

Target: 100,000

Q2: 77,008
Q1: 50,148
Total: 127,156

77,008 participants attended exhibitions and events across the country during the second quarter, helping LAC to surpass its yearly goal.

The exhibition Jewish Journeys at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, was the most popular.

3.1 Number of service transactions at LAC’s national service points in Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver, through all service channels

Target: 80,000

Q2: 25,850
Q1: 20,785
Total: 46,635

25,850 transactions were responded to at LAC's national service points from June to September.

LAC reached 58% of its yearly target within six months.

3.2 Number of visitors to the LAC website

Target: 2,000,000

Q2: 617,754
Q1: 698,483
Total: 1,316,237

617,754 visitors visited LAC's website in the second quarter.

LAC reached 65% of its target within six months.

3.3 Number of images digitized from LAC’s collection

Target: 3,500,000

Q2: 1,052,126
Q1: 815,698
Total: 1,867,824

1,052,126 images were digitized from LAC’s collection during the second quarter.

Continuous effort and resources have been put in place to allow LAC to achieve its goal. LAC reached 53% of its yearly target within six months.

2. Adaptable organization. Sustainable collection

LAC's goal is to grow its collections and implement measures to preserve them for future generations.

The eight indicators in this section are reported annually and will be published after the fourth quarter (Q4).

3. Collaborative efforts. Magnified results

LAC's goal is to seek out and support collective solutions for a more cohesive and impactful documentary heritage community at home and abroad.

Three indicators are reported annually and will be published after the fourth quarter (Q4).

2.1 Number of Canadian representatives elected to international committees

Target: 10

Q2: 14
Q1: 14

14 elected Canadian representatives were active on international committees during the second quarter, surpassing LAC’s yearly goal.

Those committees include the International Council on Archives (ICA), the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) and the Réseau francophone numérique (RFN).

4.1 Number of engagements between lac and external academic, cultural and memory institutions

Target: 50

Q2: 32
Q1: 42
Total: 74

32 engagements were undertaken in the second quarter, 14 of which were with Canadian universities in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Victoria. Some of the engagements related to partnership agreements, while others were in support of joint working groups.

LAC exceeded its yearly target by 48% after six months.

1st year, cumulative results

Engaged citizens. Accessible holdings

  • 424 contributions from the public in Co-Lab
  • 11,127 images digitized in the DigiLab
  • 127,156 participants attended an exhibition or an event
  • 46,635 transactions in LAC service points
  • 1,316,237 visitors on LAC’s website
  • 1,867,824 images digitized from LAC’s collection
  • In Q4 – extent to which public programming included a variety of activities that promote cultural diversity and Indigenous history
  • In Q4 – level of client satisfaction for web and in-person services
  • In Q4 – level of satisfaction with events from participants and partners

Adaptable organization. Sustainable collection

  • In Q4 – percentage of federal institutions that transferred their records
  • In Q4 – percentage of active publishers that transferred their publications
  • In Q4 – extent of the development and implementation of a tool to enable the transfer of digital government records
  • In Q4 – extent to which a Digital Asset Management System is implemented
  • In Q4 – extent to which a new archival information system is implemented
  • In Q4 – status update on the transition and renewal of LAC’s services to the LAC-OPL joint facility (Inspirez 555)
  • In Q4 – status update on the preparation and move of LAC’s collection to the new preservation centre
  • In Q4 – extent to which LAC supports employee professional development

Collaborative efforts. Magnified results

  • 14 Canadian representatives elected on international committees
  • 74 engagements with external academic, cultural and memory institutions
  • In Q4 – extent to which LAC collaborates with its partners to increase access to heritage material
  • In Q4 – nationwide reach of the Documentary Heritage Communities Program
  • In Q4 – status update on the implementation of LAC’s Indigenous Heritage Action Plan
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