Public-private partnership project agreement

The Government of Canada and Plenary Properties Gatineau (PPG) signed an agreement on April 26, 2019, for the "Gatineau 2" project, which includes the design and construction of Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) new preservation facility, enhancements to LAC’s existing Preservation Centre, and maintenance of both facilities for a 30-year period.

Following a rigorous, fair, open, and transparent procurement process led by Public Services and Procurement Canada, Plenary Properties Gatineau was selected as the partner for this project because it met all of the technical requirements at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

This project is being carried out as a public–private partnership (P3). A rigorous procurement options analysis showed that this was the best value-added procurement approach for this project given that the major share of the risks will be taken on by the private partner, providing financial certainty to the government and to taxpayers. The P3 project agreement also offers guarantees that the buildings will be well maintained for the duration of the contract, from 2020 to 2050.

Plenary Properties Gatineau consists of the following groups of companies:

  • Plenary Group (Canada) Ltd.
  • PCL Investments (Canada) Inc.
  • PCL Constructors Eastern Inc.
  • B+H Architects
  • ENGIE Services Inc.

Cost of the project

The estimated cost for the administration, implementation, design, construction and financing of the new facility, as well as the optimization of the existing Preservation Centre, is $330 million. This amount does not include the cost of operating and maintaining the two facilities over 30 years.


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