Web renewal initiative

Optimizing your web experience

Our web vision is clear: Connecting you with Library and Archives Canada, its services, and Canadian documentary heritage, through a simple, seamless and personalized web presence.

To do so we are undertaking a major overhaul of our website. It means that we are:

  1. Adopting Canada.ca templates and applications under the banner: Library-Archives.Canada.ca
  2. Developing a new, user-centric website based on three themes: corporate, services and collection
  3. Archiving BAC-LAC.gc.ca and CollectionsCanada.gc.ca

Get involved!

User experience (UX) testing is an integral part of the redesign process. To ensure that our new website is user-centric and easy for you to navigate, we will be carrying out several focus tests throughout the project.

Ongoing work

This multi-year project is already well underway:

  1. Review of over 7,000 web pages and redesign of over 100 applications
  2. Detailed web information architecture mapping
  3. Decommissioning of CollectionsCanada.gc.ca

Archived content

Our current website contains information that was written many years ago. Unfortunately, it does not always reflect the 2020 vision of a diverse and multicultural country. It also often presents only one side of Canada's history.

This is why content that is deemed redundant, outdated, or trivial will be removed or rewritten. As they are identified, affected Web pages will display an "Archived" banner informing users that its original content has not been and will not be updated.


Contact us at bac.servicesweb-webservices.lac@canada.ca if you have any questions or suggestions about these improvements to the website.

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