Web renewal initiative

​​Improving your web experi​ence

We want to connect you with Library and Archives Canada (LAC), our services, and Canadian documentary heritage by streamlining our website.

We are re-working our website and rethinking how to make items in our collection easier to find. It means that we are:

  • using the Canada.ca design system on all our online applications as well as our new institutional domain, Library-Archives.Canada.ca
  • developing a new, user-friendly website based on three themes: corporate, services and collection
  • archiving BAC-LAC.gc.ca and CollectionsCanada.gc.ca
  • improving your search experience through better integration of the website, collection search, and standalone databases

We continue to maintain our current online services during this time

Get involved

User experience (UX) testing is an important part of redesigning a website. To ensure that our new website is easy for you to use, we will be carrying out several user tests throughout the project.

In addition to user testing, you may be invited to fill in a user satisfaction survey at the end of your visit. The information gathered will help us build our new website.

Ongoing work

This multi-year project is already well underway:

  • review of over 7,000 web pages and redesign of over 100 applications
  • development of web information organization
  • removal of CollectionsCanada.gc.ca and other outdated content

Archived or removed web content

Our current website contains information that was written many years ago. Unfortunately, it does not always reflect our diverse and multicultural country, often presenting only one side of Canada's history. LAC acknowledges that some of its online presence is offensive and continues to correct these issues.

This is why content that is redundant or outdated will be removed or rewritten. Decisions for reviewing web content are based on various factors such as age of content, technology, resources and page visits. An "archived" notice will be placed on pages with older content that is still useful but will not be updated. In some cases, content may be removed from these pages.

Web content that provides evidence of LAC’s business activities is retained in our corporate repository according to Government of Canada information management specifications. LAC also manages the Web and Social Media Preservation Program, which archives and preserves websites. LAC’s websites are regularly captured through this program.

LAC is committed to providing access to Canada’s documentary heritage both in person and online through Collection Search. Access to published and archival material through our Collection Search remains a priority.


Contact us at bac.servicesweb-webservices.lac@canada.ca if you have any questions or suggestions about these improvements to the website.

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