The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits

Banner: The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits. March 10, 2018 to January 6, 2019. Glenbow, Calgary, Alberta 

Exhibition: Library and Archives Canada in partnership with the Glenbow

The Artist’s Mirror: Self Portraits

Artists have always been compelled to represent their own likeness, but not until the early Renaissance in the mid-1500s in Europe did artists begin to frequently depict themselves as the primary subject in their work. This surge in self-representation can be attributed, in part, to higher-quality and more readily available mirrors. With the reflections and refractions of the artist’s mirror, the creator became the subject.

In this exhibition, featuring self-portraits from the collections of Library and Archives Canada and Glenbow, the legacy of the artist’s mirror lives on. Here artists are looking deeply at themselves, a practice reflected across a wide variety of media, artistic styles and time periods. From biographical self-expression to political commentary, the motivation behind creating a self-portrait is as diverse as the artists themselves.

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Canada’s Portraits at Glenbow

Library and Archives Canada is home to many of our country’s most important portraits. These historical and modernist works provide a unique visual history of Canada, interpreted on a human scale, through the faces of individuals, known or unknown, who have shaped and who continue to shape the history and culture of the nation.

As part of a multi-year collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, Glenbow will host a series of five portrait-themed exhibitions drawn from the collection of Library and Archives Canada; in some cases, portraits from Glenbow’s collection will augment the exhibitions.


Self-Portrait, Emily Carr, ca.1899
Library and Archives Canada / e006078795
Self-Portrait, Yousuf Karsh, ca.1956
Library and Archives Canada / e008441761
James Hill, Self-Portrait as a Snail, 1979
Library and Archives Canada / c151789k
Autoportrait au Rideau
Raymonde April, 1991
Library and Archives Canada / e008438965
Self-Portrait, Floyd Kuptana, 2007
Library and Archives Canada / e010751990
Self-Portrait, Alma Duncan, 1978
Library and Archives Canada / e011083727
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