The future of Voilà, our National Union Catalogue

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Opened on April 30, 2019.

Consultation description

The purpose of this consultation is to help Library and Archives Canada (LAC) develop a policy and strategy for the future of Voilà in order to maximize participation of libraries from coast to coast to coast in the catalogue and to achieve greater representation of the rich diversity of Canada's published heritage.

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It is important to get your feedback so that we can develop a policy and strategy for Voilà. Help us understand your needs and challenges, so that together we can identify and work towards practical solutions for the Canadian library community and Canadians.


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Key topic

LAC supports a strong and connected Canadian library community and works collaboratively with the community to enhance its services and develop guidelines.

Voilà, the National Union Catalogue, provides access to the collection of many libraries across Canada and is hosted by OCLC, an international non-profit library cooperative. We are interested in your thoughts on how to best develop a policy and strategy for Voilà. Help us understand your needs and challenges, so that we can work towards practical solutions for the Canadian library community and Canadians.

Our topics include:

The Vision for Voilà: LAC's vision for Voilà, the National Union Catalogue, is to have a comprehensive, inclusive, sustainable tool that contains the rich diversity of all of Canada's published heritage and that meets the needs of Canadian Libraries and their patrons. What are your thoughts on this vision?

The Guiding Principles for the Development of Voilà: The guiding principles for the development of the Voilà policy are: 1) Work closely with the library community to develop the policy for Voilà; 2) Ensure no duplication of services by leveraging the existing regional networks; and; 3) Develop a model of shared responsibility between LAC and the Canadian library community. What are your thoughts on the guiding principles guiding the development of the policy for Voilà?

Challenges to Achieving the Vision for Voilà: What are some of the challenges to achieving the vision for Voilà and what should we do concretely to overcome them?

Practical Solutions to Addressing Challenges Facing Participation in Voilà: What are some practical solutions we can adopt to address the challenges facing participation in Voilà?

What we have heard

LAC has been consulting with Canadians across the country to capture their thoughts on the future of the National Union Catalogue, Voilà, and to learn how we could create a national policy around the catalogue. Visit the PlaceSpeak page, under Additional Resources, to read a summary of feedback collected between April 30 and June 7, 2019. There is still time to share your thoughts!

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