Andrew Ralph

He has been to 258 concerts, has travelled to 19 countries and is strongly committed to the Scouting movement; Andrew Ralph is living the dream.

Andrew Ralph in hiking

Photograph: Personal collection of Andrew Ralph

Free time is precious these days, and few people spend it helping others. But Andrew Ralph, who arrived at Library and Archives Canada in October 2016, is doing just that. In his own words, "It is very gratifying to see others thrive and grow!"

Andrew's parents introduced him to Scouting when he was little. It helped him to develop strong values, including solidarity, a willingness to help others and respect for children. Now that he is a Scout leader, he is tackling new adventures and new challenges with his troop.

In March, Andrew took his group of Scouts mountain climbing in New York State. Every adventure includes the unexpected, and this time, they found themselves in front of rock that was completely covered in ice. Andrew and three of the young people were able to climb up, but one found it too difficult. In the name of solidarity (and because of the biting cold!), the whole group climbed back down, not realizing that they were only 10 minutes from the summit.

Despite his very busy life, Andrew finds the time to attend concerts: 258 so far! (He is very organized and leaves nothing to chance, so we can safely say that the Eric Church concert was indeed his 258th!)

Andrew, who was born and still lives in Ottawa, has travelled all over the world, using a five-month stay in the United Kingdom to visit 19 countries. A natural optimist and full of enthusiasm, he is living the dream and feels that he has everything he needs to be happy … except, maybe, a bigger car and more time to spend outdoors!

"I am living the perfect life," he says, with a smile.

Andrew made a great impression on his colleagues, and we were very sad to bid him farewell in May, when he left Library and Archives Canada for new pastures, as you can see in the photo!

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