Annual reports

The Library and Archives Canada annual report is published once a year, both in print and online. The report provides an overview of programs, projects and activities that occurred during the year.

Annual Report 2019–2020

Photo of cover Annual Report 2019–2020

Annual Report 2019–2020, ISSN 2371-3240

Cover: clockwise from top left: new preservation facility in Gatineau (design); 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa; Library and Archives Canada–Ottawa Public Library joint facility (design); Preservation Centre in Gatineau; former Dominion Archives building, Ottawa.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Annual Report 2018–2019

Photo of cover Annual Report 2018–2019

Annual Report 2018–2019, ISSN 2371-3240

Cover: Trenches on the Somme, by Mary Riter Hamilton, 1919

Source: Library and Archives Canada/e011202180

Annual Report 2017–2018

Photo of cover Annual Review 2017-2018

Annual Report 2017–2018, ISSN 2371-3240

Cover: Marshall McLuhan, 1974, by Yousuf Karsh (Estate of Yousuf Karsh)

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, PS-207441 (MIKAN 3590513)

Annual Report 2016–2017

Photo of cover Annual Review 2016-2017

Annual Report 2016–2017, ISSN 2371-3240

Cover: "Moose." Pennant, Thomas. Arctic zoology. Vol. 1. London: H. Hughs, 1784–1785. QL105 P4. p. 17.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, AMICUS 3264488

Annual Report 2015–2016

Photo of cover Annual Review 2015-2016

Annual Report 2015–2016, ISSN 2371-3240

Cover: Audrey James standing on the hood of Helen Salkeld’s station wagon taking a photograph of the prairies in southern Saskatchewan, August 8, 1954.

Photographer: Rosemary Gilliat.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, MIKAN 4814411

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