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Dr. Robert W. Jackson (right) receiving the Olympic Order, the highest award of the Olympic movement, from Juan Antonio (...)

Dr. Robert W. Jackson (right) receiving the Olympic Order, the highest award of the Olympic movement, from Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, 1997 (5258295)

Below is a selection of archives that we have recently acquired. These records will be available for consultation once they have been processed and described.

Some of the acquisitions are accruals or additions to existing fonds.

Please see New acquisitions - archives: Complete list to consult the complete listing of all our new archival acquisitions.


Spring 2020

Robert W. Jackson fonds

(MIKAN 5258295)

The Robert W. Jackson fonds consists of records documenting his activities in Canada and internationally as a founder of parasports for people with a disability, and his development of arthroscopy, for which he became internationally renowned after introducing it to the Western world.

Flora MacDonald fonds

(Accrual, R10914, MIKAN 157474)

This accrual to the Flora MacDonald fonds consists of one photo album.

William Lyon Mackenzie King fonds

(Accrual, R10383, MIKAN 98362)

This accrual to the William Lyon Mackenzie King fonds consists of one printed card produced by the National Liberal Federation encouraging people to vote Liberal and give King a working majority as prime minister.

Tobie Steinhouse fonds

(Accrual, R11208, MIKAN 212518)

The recent accrual to the Tobie Steinhouse fonds consists of 13 original prints as well as textual records documenting Steinhouse’s life and career, including exhibition catalogues, publicity and personal correspondence. Steinhouse (1925–) is a Montréal painter and printmaker.

Victor Pilon fonds

(Accrual, R16089, MIKAN 5093438)

This accrual to Victor Pilon's fonds consists of approximately 47,000 photographs, including urban murals in Canada (1983–1987), visits by the Royal Family (1980–2002), investitures of Governors General (1990 and 1995) and some visits by international heads of state.

Bonnie Robichaud fonds

(R16206, MIKAN 5145352)

In 1980, Bonnie Robichaud began what would become a multi-year legal challenge. In July 1987, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously in her favour that “the employer is responsible for the unauthorized discriminatory acts of its employees in the course of their employment.”

Winter 2020

Fall 2019

Summer 2019

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